BNNS6384: Discuss briefly the pathophysiology and clinical manifestations of breast cancer: Obstetric and Gynecological Assignment, LUC, Malaysia


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BNNS6384: Obstetric and Gynecological Assignment

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer among females in Malaysia. Most females are diagnosed quite late into the disease, leading to nonfavorable outcomes. In Malaysia one in 19 women is at risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer The rate is 34.1 cases per 100,000 female population, and only seven out of 10 survive at least five years.

i. Discuss briefly the pathophysiology and clinical manifestations of breast cancer.

ii. Elaborate on the prevalence of breast cancer both globally and locally in Malaysia and the contributing factors to its incidence.

iii. Discuss the gaps in awareness and attitudes of women about this disease and the various methods that can be undertaken by the government and healthcare providers to help increase awareness as well as screening.

iv. Discuss the treatment modalities available for breast cancer.

v. Discuss the role of nurses in providing holistic care for patients with breast

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