Based on research done by Mr. Rushikesh S. Raut, the use of object-oriented programming has increased in the software: Object Oriented Programming Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia


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Object Oriented Programming

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Based on research done by Mr. Rushikesh S. Raut, the use of object-oriented programming has increased in the software real world. The fundamental concept of OOP is that a program is designed around the data being operated. The power of OOP is that the programmer can create modular and reusable code. (S.Raut, 2020)

OOP has four essential concepts: encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, and abstraction. Encapsulation encapsulates data and related methods within an object. Inheritance allows classes to inherit properties and methods from other classes. Polymorphism enables objects to take on different forms or behaviors based on their context. Abstraction focuses on defining generalized classes and interfaces.

OOP offers several benefits that contribute to improving software development practices. One significant advantage is code reusability, as objects and classes can be easily reused in different parts of an application or in entirely different projects. This reduces development time and effort while promoting modular and maintainable code.

OOP also supports the concept of encapsulation, which enhances code security and reduces dependencies between different parts of a program. Additionally, OOP’s modular structure and hierarchical relationships through inheritance provide a clear organization of code, making it easier to understand and maintain.

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