BMG302/03 The Johari Window is a model that helps individuals understand their relationships with themselves: Organizational behavior Assignment, WOU, Malaysia


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BMG302/03 Organizational behavior Assignment

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Question 2

The Johari Window is a model that helps individuals understand their relationships with themselves and others. When applying it to organizational behavior, it can provide valuable insights into communication, teamwork, and overall organizational dynamics.

In reference to the above statement, you are required to answer the following sections:

Team Building and Communication
a) How can the Johari Window be applied to improve communication and trust within a team? Describe.

Organizational Change and the Johari Window

a) Discuss the implications of organizational change on the “Unknown Area” in the Johari Window.

Cultural Diversity and the Johari Window

a) Discuss strategies for promoting mutual understanding and reducing cultural blind spots in diverse teams.

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