BBF201/03: You are a manager who work at finance department of AVILLION BERHAD in Malaysia. You are interested to analyse the core principles of finance: INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT Assignment, WOU,Malaysia

University Wawasan Open University (WOU)


You are a manager who work at finance department of AVILLION BERHAD in Malaysia. You are interested to analyse the core principles of finance that influence your company’s financial figures. Explain any FIVE (5) principles of finance that give significant impacts to your decision-making process in order to achieve the desired financial performance for year 2021.


a) Distinguish between any TWO (2) types of financial information contained in the various financial statements in Malaysian Public Listed Corporations.

b) Explain any FIVE (5) type of valuable information that may be found in the notes to financial statements.

c) Describe a situation in which the information in the notes would be essential to making an informed decision about the value of a company.


You have been hired as a financial analyst by Maybank Berhad. Your task is to analyse the present financial condition of Petrox Berhad. You are provided with the following 2021 Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Profit or Loss information for Petrox Berhad. In addition, you are told that Petrox Berhad has 12,500,000 shares of ordinary shares outstanding, currently trading at RM11.25 per share, and has made annual purchases of RM262,500,000.


as at 31 December 2021 (RM)


You are required to calculate 5 blocks of financial ratios and to compare these calculated ratios with the industry average ratios that are provided. Your analysis is based on five categories of ratios: (a) liquidity ratios; (b) activity ratios; (c) debt ratios; (d) profitability ratios; and (e) market ratios. Besides, you have to determine the financial position for Petrox as a stand-alone company, you are also required to compare these ratios to the industry average ratios provided in the problem.

a) Based on the provided industry-average information, discuss Petrox Berhad’s liquidity position by comparing with the overall industry performance.

b) Referring to data provided for industry-average information, analyse Petrox’s activity ratios and the overall industry.

c) Discuss debt and market position for Petrox Berhad’s and industry-average.

d) As part of this investigation, you are required to include profitability ratios and DuPont analysis in examining the profitability of Petrox Berhad and overall

e) One of the main conditions for loan approval is company should be in a betterthan-average financial position. Recommend your decision whether to approve or deny the loan application from Petrox Berhad by looking at overall financial performance. Explain the Petrox’s strong and weak points.

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