BAM7014: Prepare a briefing report on the financial implications of the managing director’s proposal to outsource some: Accounting for Managers Assignment, MMU, Malaysia

University Multimedia University (MMU)
Subject BAM7014: Accounting for Managers
  1. Prepare a briefing report on the financial implications of the managing director’s proposal to outsource some or all of the production to an external party. Show the necessary computations. Would you recommend outsourcing based only on the financial analysis?
  2. Prepare a suitability, acceptability, and feasibility report of the business strategy change from production to design and marketing. Would you recommend outsourcing based on this analysis?
  3. Explain the potential benefits of an effective data analytics and information system for Seni Susun and how it can create a competitive advantage.
  4.  Prepare two cashflows under the following scenarios and advise the management on how to manage cashflows for Seni Susun.
    a. Cashflow if all production is outsourced and sales remain at the current level.
    b. Cashflow if all production is outsourced, an investment in new information technology is made in the first quarter and sales are 25% higher than the current level.
  5. Discuss the ethical implications of the managing director’s view on the treatment of the outsourcing partners.

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