As a network engineer working for Ajey Kurnia Berhad, you are required to design and apply an IP addressing scheme: Networks and Networking Assignment, APU, Malaysia


Asia Pacific University (APU)

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Networks and Networking

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As a network engineer working for Ajey Kurnia Berhad, you are required to design and apply an IP addressing scheme for the Kurnia College network. One class C block of IP addresses will be provided to you, which you must subnet and supply the IP addressing scheme for the network.

Kurnia College’s current network topology, as shown in Figure 1, was not adequately designed, leading to several network problems. You must first design a proper topology diagram for the provided network using Packet Tracer.

After you have completed designing the network topology, you are required to configure each of the networks and end devices accordingly. Devices in the Kurnia College network must be assigned with the proper VLSM IP addressing scheme based on your planned addressing scheme.

Use the relevant commands to check that the network is operating correctly when the configuration is completed.

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