Additive Manufacturing (AM) is now in the stage of rapid development since it can meet most industrial application needs: Mechanical Engineering Research Paper, NUN, Malaysia


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Additive Manufacturing (AM) is now in the stage of rapid development since it can meet most industrial application needs. Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) which is part of AM allows the production of metallic parts by the deposition of weld beads using arc-welding technologies. Quality of weld bead geometry (width and height of metal deposited) and power consumption is a big challenge to the manufacturer to control them in WAAM caused by big HAZ of MIG and TIG heat source.

Utilization of a plasma heat source should reduce this problem since it has a smaller heat source. The present investigation is focused on the fabrication of single track deposits, with multiple scanning speed, current, and voltage combinations to turn to understand their effect on the formation of the melt pool and peak temperature reached. A single-track deposition is the base layer that will affect the printed multilayer end product.

A Finite Element Method (FEM) based numerical simulation is performed by varying processing parameters in SIMUFACT. The simulation was performed on a structural steel plate using a non-linear transient heat transfer analysis. Goldak’s double ellipsoidal heat source model was considered to incorporate heat.

The results indicate that melt pool characteristics and peak temperature decrease as the scanning speed increase. However, current and voltage supply is directly proportional to thermal distribution since larger heat input leads to an increase in melt pool width and temperature.

This approach of developing a numerical model in investigating single-track deposits, when used to narrow down the window of process parameters can provide a path to speed up the tedious and time-consuming experiments for optimization of process parameters. These single-track experiments will be extended to fabricate samples with multiple layers in future studies.

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