A sales representative for a struggling computer supply company has the opportunity to close a multi million dollar deal: business ethics Assignment, ATC, Malaysia

University Angkasa Training Centre(ATC)
Subject business ethics Assignment

Question 1
Discuss five ways to solve ethical problems at the workplace.

Soalan 1

Bincangkan lima cara untuk menyelesaikan masalah etika di tempat kerja.

Question 2
A sales representative for a struggling computer supply company has the opportunity to close a multi-million dollar deal. The first delivery of machines will be on time but subsequent deliveries may be delayed. Any delay in converting to the new system would be costly to the customer.
a. Should the sales representative close the deal without advising the customer of the problem?
b. What exactly should he say to the customer?

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Soalan 2
Seorang wakil jualan untuk syarikat pembekal komputer yang bergelut mempunyai peluang untuk menutup perjanjian berjuta-juta dolar. Penghantaran pertama mesin akan tepat pada masanya tetapi penghantaran berikutnya mungkin ditangguhkan.

Sebarang kelewatan dalam menukar kepada sistem baharu akan merugikan
a. Wajar kah wakil jualan menutup perjanjian tanpa menasihati pelanggan tentang masalah itu?
b. Apa sebenarnya yang harus dia katakan kepada pelanggan?

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