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Perodua is one of Malaysia’s leading automobile manufacturing companies. Since its founding in 1993, Perodua has quickly established itself as a giant in the automobile sector. From sedan cars to commercial vehicles and more, they have grown to become one of the largest car distributors and manufacturers in Malaysia, producing thousands of vehicles annually.

In its years of practice, Perodua has maintained its dedication to superior customer service, industry-leading product innovation, and reliability which helps them garner strong loyalty from customers all over the country. Now, decades since its establishment, Perodua is an iconic symbol for all Malaysian drivers.

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External analysis.

A number of key factors must be taken into consideration when conducting an external analysis, including economic, competitive, technological, and political-legal forces. Studying the economic environment within Malaysia can provide insights into how competitive products such as those offered by Perodua perform in a given market. They will also highlight emerging trends and relevant opportunities to exploit.

The competitive landscape shapes the dynamics between industry players and has significant impacts on pricing, production skills, product characteristics, and more. Considering the technological landscape is important for firms like Perodua aiming to remain competitive – understanding areas such as automation capabilities, customer demands for newer technologies and overall innovation environments is important for a periodical review of strategies.

Last but not least, it is necessary to stay abreast of legal regulations in Malaysia to ensure that all business practices are compliant with local legislation; a lack of awareness could end up resulting in costly penalties for Perodua.

Internal analysis.

An internal analysis of Perodua would look at its current capabilities, core competencies, and strengths to further build upon. This analysis would also identify areas to improve and strategic actions to take.

By examining current resources, processes, products, services, or even financials, Perodua can identify ways to use its market position as a locally-owned car maker to gain a competitive advantage. Through careful strategies rooted in an understanding of its internal environment, Perodua can continue to make every drive a pleasure by keeping Malaysians safe while on the road.

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Strategy generation – IE matrix n QSPM.

The IE matrix is a tool used to identify ideal strategies based on the results of internal and external analysis. The IE matrix takes into consideration market attractiveness in terms of profitability as well as Perodua’s strength relative to its competitors. This will help determine which areas offer the most potential for growth and help shape Perodua’s strategic direction.

The QSPM (Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix) is a tool used to develop strategies based on predetermined criteria and to measure the relative attractiveness of each strategy. The QSPM will weigh the strategic alternatives identified by the IE matrix in terms of their expected gains, risks, and costs in order to generate an optimized set of strategies for Perodua to pursue.

Ultimately, by employing the IE matrix and QSPM methods, Perodua can develop an ideal set of strategic actions to ensure long-term resilience and success in Malaysia’s automobile industry.

Strategy implementation – Culture.

Once the ideal strategies have been identified, it is important to ensure that employees and stakeholders understand the company’s mission.

Perodua should promote an open culture of communication, innovation, and collaboration. This can be achieved by creating a conducive working environment – such as offering rewards for great ideas or investing in employee training programs – or by simply encouraging employees to share their thoughts and ideas.

Moreover, Perodua must ensure that its culture aligns with the strategies it has chosen to pursue. This will help the company in taking meaningful actions towards achieving its goals and objectives.

Finally, Perodua should monitor its progress regularly in order to assess if the strategies are on track and to make necessary adjustments if required. This will help it stay on course for success.

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