IBM530 Introduction To International Business Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

IBM’s new IBM530 Introduction To International Business gives you a jumpstart on your study of international business. This introduction offers an overview and glimpse into what makes this subject so intriguing, with practical sessions that will have students engrossed right away.

This course is designed to help students better understand the opportunities and challenges involved in international business. The course will familiarize students with the different aspects of international business, including entry strategies, managing across cultures, global marketing and finance. In addition, the course will provide students with an understanding of the legal and political environments that impact businesses operating in multiple countries.

The IBM530 Introduction To International Business course is an excellent way to start your journey in international business. This course will give students the foundation they need to succeed in this field, and help them develop the skills necessary to compete in today’s global marketplace. With its mix of theoretical and practical content, this course is perfect for those who want to learn more about international business and prepare for a successful career in this exciting field.

This course is perfect for those who want to learn more about international business and prepare for a successful career in this exciting field. IBM530 Introduction To International Business offers an overview of the opportunities and challenges involved in international business.

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IBM530 Introduction To International Business Assignment is based on the study of international business and its various aspects. The course covers topics such as globalisation, cross-cultural management, international marketing, etc. It trains students to become adept at managing businesses in a globalised economy.

Assignment Task 1: Analyse changes in international trade at the global level 

The global level of international trade has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years.

One of the most notable changes has been the increasing trend of protectionism, or the use of trade barriers such as tariffs and quotas to restrict imports from other countries.

This trend has been driven largely by the growing income inequality between countries. As wealthier countries have become increasingly prosperous, they have sought to protect their domestic industries from being undercut by cheaper imports from poorer countries. This has led to a proliferation of protectionist measures around the world, and it has made it increasingly difficult for companies to do business across borders.

Another major change that has taken place in international trade is the rise of China and other BRIC nations as economic powers. These countries have increasingly been challenging the dominance of the traditional Western powers in the global economy, and their rise has had a major impact on the pattern of international trade.

Assignment Task 2: Demonstrate Values, attitudes & professionalism in strategies & operations of international business in a real-world context

International businesses need to Demonstrate Values, Attitudes, and Professionalism in their strategies and operations to be successful. 

An organization’s values are its principles and doctrines that guide its decision-making and conduct. For a company to maintain a good reputation, it must live up to its values both internally and externally. Many organizations have a formal code of conduct that lays out the specific behaviours that are required of employees to uphold the company’s values. 

A company’s attitudes are the feelings and beliefs that it has about itself and the business world around it. Attitudes can be positive or negative, but either way, they influence how the company interacts with other businesses and organizations. A company that has a positive attitude towards itself and the world around it is more likely to be successful than one with a negative attitude. 

Professionalism is how an organization or individual conducts themselves in a business setting. Professionalism includes such things as having a good work ethic, being punctual, dressing appropriately, and behaving courteously.

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Assignment Task 3: Apply concepts, theories & emerging issues in international business 

In light of the current global recession, many companies are looking to expand their business into new international markets. However, before doing so it’s important to understand the concepts, theories, and emerging issues that affect international business.

One key concept to understand is the difference between export and import. Exports are goods or services that are sold by a company in one country to buyers in another country. Imports are goods or services that are bought by a company in one country from buyers in another country.

Another important concept is cultural imperialism. Cultural imperialism occurs when a dominant culture imposes its values on subordinate cultures. This can happen through military force, economic coercion, or the spread of popular cultures such as movies, music, and fashion. An Australian company might want to expand its business into Asia, it’s important to be aware of the concept of cultural imperialism and take steps to avoid imposing Australian values on Asian customers.

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