BSB701 Facilities Management Framework UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSB701 Facilities Management Framework assignment is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of facilities management. The focus of this course is on developing an understanding of the various components of a multi-disciplinary approach that encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects of facility management. The practical application of facilities management principles and practices is facilitated through the use of case studies, project assignments, and simulations.

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In this section, we’ll outline several assignment tasks, including:

Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate the fundamental concept of Facilities Management, theoretical frameworks approach techniques, and tools for managing facilities and support services.

As businesses and organizations continue to grow, the importance of Facilities Management becomes increasingly significant. At its core, Facilities Management is the practice of effectively managing the physical environment where an organization operates. Fundamental concepts of Facilities Management include an understanding of building systems and infrastructure, space planning, maintenance and repair, and the management of support services such as housekeeping, security, and catering, among others.

Various theoretical frameworks, approach techniques, and tools have been developed over the years to help Facility Managers navigate these complex responsibilities. Adopting these strategies can help organizations improve their operational efficiency, enhance the employee experience, and create a more sustainable workplace. Whether it is through implementing new technologies or developing better processes, Facilities Management remains an essential element in any organization’s success.

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Assignment Task 2: Analyse and assess the scope and core skill areas for Facilities Manager and Facilities Management Organisation and apply the FM concept to various business sectors.

As businesses continue to evolve and expand, one crucial aspect that remains constant is the need for effective facilities management. The role of a Facilities Manager is ever-changing, requiring individuals to possess a diverse range of core skills, including leadership, communication, and technical expertise. Not only must Facilities Managers be knowledgeable about the physical aspects of a business, such as space planning and maintenance, but they must also have a deep understanding of the company’s overall strategy and goals.

Similarly, the scope of Facilities Management Organisations must be vast and comprehensive, encompassing everything from building maintenance to energy management. Ultimately, the success of any Facilities Management Organisation lies in its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each business sector it serves, whether that be healthcare, education, or manufacturing. As businesses continue to face new challenges, the role of a Facilities Manager and the concept of facilities management will only become more critical in ensuring their operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Assignment Task 3: Apply and integrate the professional roles, responsibilities and liabilities of the Facilities Manager, communication and network principles.

The role of a Facilities Manager is multi-faceted and includes a wide range of responsibilities, from managing day-to-day operations to developing long-term strategies. As such, it is essential that Facility Managers possess strong communication and networking skills to effectively communicate with stakeholders and build relationships with vendors and suppliers. Additionally, Facility Managers must also maintain a thorough understanding of the professional roles, responsibilities, and liabilities associated with their position. This includes being knowledgeable about legal regulations and compliance requirements, such as health and safety laws, building codes, and environmental standards.

Ultimately, successful Facility Managers are able to utilize their knowledge of communication principles to create an effective network of stakeholders while simultaneously managing the professional roles, responsibilities, and liabilities that are associated with their position. By doing so, Facilities Managers can ensure that their organization is running smoothly and efficiently while avoiding any potential legal issues.

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