CSC729 Advanced Multimedia Computing Assignment Example Malaysia

This course is about how to make your multimedia applications more advanced. It starts by teaching the fundamentals of digital data representation and explores both spatial, temporal information in chronological order from World War II all way up until now! The last topic covered will be compression techniques which are necessary for portable devices like smartphones or tablets because they need fast internet access too but don’t have unlimited power resources available as well so this final lesson discusses retrieval algorithms among other things that allow users to match what’s on one device to what’s on another device.

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By attending this course, the students will be introduced to advanced techniques and emerging multimedia applications. They are prepared for future work in computer graphics that require novel approaches because of their background knowledge gained from this training program.

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In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like a group project, individual assignment and the solutions are provided by us. Upon completion of this course you should be able to: 

Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate the correct approach for managing digital data

The process of managing digital data is to store it in places where its security can be properly maintained. Different types of files will need different management strategies, so the first step is picking the right technique for handling that type of file.

Options for storing digital data include offsite backups, encryption software, secure USB sticks, external hard drives necessary to store large quantities of data and cloud storage services. For appropriate ways to manage publicly available or sensitive information securely via email correspondence or phone call transcripts without risk of interception or lost memories with the use of platforms like google docs.

Managing your digital data relies on the three concepts of identification, retention and destruction. The concept’s objective is to ensure that any information you create isn’t duplicated or leaked accidentally. Here are a number of different ways to approach managing your digital data:

First, decide what should be considered public vs. private by designating private documents with an electronic label or other means so they cannot be accessed without permission- never email proprietary info

Second, figure out what you need to keep and for how long it needs to be retained- this may vary depending on where in the world you work and industry norms Often employers will have their own guidelines because identifying corporate opps could contain confidential financial information

Thirdly, organize documents in a place where they can easily be found and disposed of properly- A. Always store documents on your PC in an organized way (how you like it); B. Keep private docs safe either physically at home or electronically that are not to be shared; C. Destroy all info related to yourself before getting rid of PCs

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Assignment Task 2: Analyze the management of the digital data during development and playback

Data is often bundled into units of measurements called packets. A packet contains all the data necessary to reconstruct the original signal (or picture) in both space and time. All digital files will reduce or distort when decompressed because not enough bits are used to maintain the precision of every single sample in an uncompressed file; this is known as quantization distortion, zero-order hold, or temporal aliasing. The more pixels that exist on screen, the more bits it takes to record each pixel’s color value.

Data compression is nearly always present when there are high numbers of pixels in play on screens with low resolutions. Typical video formats like MPEG-4 utilize motion estimation for computationally efficient distortion removal via loop filters which reconstructs missing data between other redundant data that is included in the file. When compressed files are decompressed, artifacts may be seen or heard depending on the type of compression used and the degree to which it has distorted the picture. The less compressed a video file is, the more likely it will suffer from quality degradation while playing.

Assignment Task 3: Interpret the multiple digital data into a multimedia application

A multimedia application would be able to take in geographical information if the user chose a specific location. For example, it could say how many animals there are per 100km2 or what kind of elevation their is at this area. It could also have a map with the school’s boundaries on it for students who have applied to attend that particular school in the future.

A multimedia application has a live feed from reporters in different countries and places around the world so they can give us an update on things going on overseas.

The app would also have videos from sport games happening around the globe so viewers don’t feel lonely while cheering them on from home 

Lastly, it would provide news feeds with push notifications about new content being created all around the world.

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