CSC598 Multimedia Research Project Formulation Assignment Example Malaysia

This assignment CSC598 prepares students for performing research. It will discuss the steps in doing research and how to think creatively when solving problems, as it requires you to use all your prior knowledge as well! The material is presented in the form of an engaging proposal that gets straight at what they want: winning grants from major foundations by writing persuasive proposals with creative thinking skills.

Topics covered in this course are:-

  •  Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methodology
  • Project Planning
  • Writing and Ethics

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CSC598 Multimedia Research Project Formulation Assignment Solutions Malaysia

These are the questions that can be asked in  CSC598 Multimedia Research Project Formulation Assignment. By the end of this course, Malaysian students will be able to answer the following questions.

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Assignment Brief 1: State the problem description in the area of study

The problem description of this study is to investigate how well multimedia messages are effective in delivering a desired message to the target audience. This study will also investigate how well people receive and recall multimedia messages. It is important to note that multimedia messages are composed of either audio, video, text or image which when combined make up different types of multimedia presentation. Multimedia can be used in several mediums including advertising, education, and personal presentations. For the purpose of this study, only multimedia used in advertising will be considered.

Many companies are considering investing in multimedia presentations but still think carefully before adopting this approach. The high investment required by multimedia messages has led to an increased demand for research on how effective it is compared with other methods (Holton & Gilbert, 1994). It is important to note that there are many kinds of media that are used to present messages. Most communication experts argue that multimedia may be the most effective way of communication since it combines many kinds of communication efforts into one unit. However, others argue that multimedia can also give a message which is not clear and easily understood by the target audience (Collins & Stevens, 1999). Research findings reveal that people’s knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors may be changed after multimedia messages are delivered (Lippincott, 1992).

Despite the mixed findings in the literature, it is generally agreed that multimedia presentations can have a profound impact on individuals. The use of multimedia can be especially beneficial when used to present training materials or educational information as it has been found to improve the learning process. For example, if a company wants to advertise their product by using multimedia presentation, it should be done in a manner that will guarantee the effectiveness of the message delivery.

Assignment Brief 2: Produce literature review pertaining to area of study

“Literature Reviews have been a cornerstone of the research process for decades. They have served as a vehicle to combine multiple sources into one single, concise report that provide readers with a succinct synthesis of the current state of an accepted paradigm or topic.” 

A literature review should be compiled from journals, books, journals from other disciplines and interviews. The process entails taking information from various fields and translations them into one document which is easy to read and understand. By reading this summary, readers will gain an understanding of what has already been done in this arena and what needs to happen next. It lists references at the end but does not give lengthy explanations for each point made in text or support chapter arguments with scientific data or research findings.

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A literature review is a compilation of sources that discuss a particular topic or subject. The sources included in a literature review can be from any area including, but not limited to: published books, journal articles, magazines, newspapers, theses and dissertations, internet sites, and interviews with experts in the field. The literature review should provide a brief history of the topic, a discussion of how the topic has been studied over time, and where future research is needed.

Assignment Brief 3: Compose and present a proposal on the research intended

The purpose of this research is to explore the use of multimedia in the construction, representation and visualization of scientific knowledge. To accomplish this task, multimedia material will be used as a starting point for constructing interactive time-based interfaces that enable users to explore scientific data from simulations and experiments through animations which can help evoke an intuitive understanding for complicated topics. The goal is not just to provide novel ways for people to interact with data but also develop new modes whereby people can communicate their ideas within different contexts. In past projects accomplishments were minimal due to budget constraints and lack of team members who have participated in similar projects which limited success in completing the project requirements. 

This project will have two main components, the first being the development of a solid foundation to enable future projects using similar methods. Secondly it will focus on developing an idea that can be used for academic purposes which could possibly lead into finding employment within the scientific community. This project will use many forms of multimedia material but primarily focus on scientific simulations and animations along with information presentation. To achieve the stated goal of the project, there are many issues that have to be considered. Some of which is using multimedia material from simulations and experiments along with limitations of different devices being used as a platform for portraying this information. Then comes the time constraints due to schedules within certain laboratories but also factoring in realistic scenarios which could prevent further development if results are not as expected. 

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