IMU306 Introduction To Islamic Marketing UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The IMU306 Introduction To Islamic Marketing course is an amazing opportunity to learn more about this growing discipline. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview of core topics such as Islamic principles and ethics in business, Islamic branding and positioning, developing effective marketing strategies in a Muslim context, customer-centric marketing approaches, and creating Halal products/services.

Aside from teaching students the basics of Islamic marketing, this course will also help students appreciate the relevance of religious teachings in the modern context by exploring how these concepts are applied across different sectors. With experienced instructors guiding discussion and challenging viewpoints to critique existing trends, this course stands out for its thought-provoking insights!

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In this section, we will explore a range of assignment activities, including:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the concept and theories of Islamic marketing.

The theory of Islamic marketing involves taking into consideration the religious, ethical and cultural values held by Muslims when formulating marketing strategies. It involves creating products and services that are compatible with Islamic principles, as well as messaging and representations of them in marketing content that aligns with these values. From an ethical consumer perspective, it is about consumers making choices based on their religious beliefs and preferences.

The underlying goal of Islamic marketing is to build relationships between producers and consumers based on trust so that businesses that abide by the principles of Islam can be identified, selected, and supported. Through this approach, firms can tap into religious motivations in order to better reach Muslim customers around the world.

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Assignment Activity 2: Discover the differences between the practice of marketing from conventional and Islamic perspectives.

Conventional and Islamic marketing approaches differ in certain important ways. Conventional marketing strategies employ language, visuals, and promotional tactics that capitalize on consumer psychology to influence purchase decisions. Islamic marketing practices, however, emphasize building relationships between the brand and its customers through ethical conduct and unity. As opposed to simply exploiting consumers for profit-seeking objectives, Islamic marketers seek to educate their audience while fostering transparency with clear communication and fair terms of use.

Both forms of marketing require building trust with customers through consistency of message, but conventional marketing often prioritizes profitability over customer satisfaction whereas Islamic principles encourage mutual benefit before profits. Ultimately, the difference between conventional and Islamic approaches to marketing is an important distinction that underscores a distinct set of priorities when engaging an audience.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate the mixed marketing concepts in business.

Mixed marketing is a popular concept among businesses. It involves combining traditional advertising approaches, such as television and radio spots, print advertisements, and mailers with new digital publicity techniques, like web banners and social media campaigns. With mixed marketing, companies gain the advantage of targeting multiple customer segments across various mediums.

Furthermore, they are able to capture valuable direct feedback from their customers regarding which forms of marketing they prefer. Although it can be a more costly approach due to the number of marketing hours required to pull off a comprehensive campaign, it is often worth the effort in order to reach more potential customers and make a greater impact with the message being conveyed.

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