CSC126 Fundamentals of Algorithm and Computer Problem Solving Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

CSC126- Fundamentals of Algorithm and Computer Problem Solving Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

This assignment sample is an introduction to problem-solving using a computer programming language. It emphasizes algorithm development and writing programs, as well as common good practices in the field of algorithmic analysis. Students will be taught basic terminology for their fields, algorithms that are used most often when solving problems with data sets containing many variables (e.g., summation), and developing these skills through lectures from professionals in the industry as well guidance at hands-on lab work stations where they can practice what has been learned on real-world problems before moving onto more challenging material like average or counting functions; all while receiving feedback on how to improve techniques by fellow students working alongside them.

In the end, students are expected to develop problem-solving skills. They’ll learn how to analyze a simple situation and come up with an effective solution that they can turn into computer code in order to solve it.

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Assignment Solution of CSC126 Fundamentals of Algorithm and Computer Problem Solving UITM Malaysia

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.
Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment Activity 1: Apply basic concepts and algorithms in computer programming

Computer programming is a language in which you tell the computer what to do through code. There are many different languages that can be used, but Java and C++ seem to be most common for beginners who start with coding.

Algorithms are sets of rules and procedures for calculations and for solving problems, which may be expressed in the form of instructions or protocols for action.

This assignment sample discuss the basic concepts of programming language-

  • Algorithm
  • Source code
  • Compiler
  • Data type
  • Variable
  • Constant
  • Conditional
  • Array
  • Loop
  • Function
  • Class

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Assignment Activity 2: Build complete programs involving five basic algorithms (summation, average, counting, minimum, and maximum) using a programming language

In this assignment sample, students will learn about the basic building of programming language using summation, average, counting, minimum and maximum.

  • Summation: Sums the values of a list of numbers and outputs the sum.
  • Average: Takes in a list of numbers, and outputs the mean.
  • Counting: Counts how many items are in a given set.
  • Minimum (or Lowest): Finds the smallest number in an array.
  • Maximum (or Highest): Finds the largest number in an array.

Assignment Activity 3: Demonstrate good programming practices and ethics in writing programs according to the task scopes

A code’s quality is not measured in how quickly it can be made, but by the time taken and consideration put into making sure it’s readable for other developers. The software development community has come up with a set of informal rules to ensure that coding best practices are being followed as well as ways to improve your final product such as documentation or peer reviews before releasing any new updates. Good programming practices include

  • Indentation must be perfect and comment lines must be used
  • Simplify the code
  • Planning of approach
  • Effective debugging
  • Development of projects
  • Code daily

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Get solution of CSC126- Fundamentals of Algorithm and Computer Problem Solving Assignment UiTM Malaysia

The above assignment sample is based on CSC126- Fundamentals of Algorithm and Computer Problem Solving.

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