CSC186 Object Oriented Programming Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia


This course will teach you how to solve simple problems using a programming language that supports Object-Oriented Programming. The main concepts of Object-Oriented Programming are discussed, including objects and classes, abstraction, encapsulation and inheritance.

Students will also be taught about the importance of designing solutions in UML before they start developing them with their chosen software development tools!

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Assignment Brief Of CSC186 Object Oriented Programming UITM Malaysia

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.
Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment Activity 1: Identify OOP application model as proposed solutions based on the given tasks using UML

In this assignment example computer science student will learn the UML application model. UML diagram for class to create student records with address and phone number. StudentID is required field and Name, Address, Phone Number are optional fields. The phone number can be an additional optional string or it can be a foreign key of the person with rown as ‘phonNo’ linked to phone Number column in the table associated with this class at design time.

This is what we’d like to do if possible in UML and Java:

1) Define Class Student

package Model; public class Student{ private String studentId;  private String name;  private Address address;  private String phoneNumber; }

2) Create a Domain object Person whose ID is of the type Integer and its fields are Name, Address, Phone Number of String type.

3) Write a main program that creates two students object with name “Nurdian”, age 25, address:”Jln Petaling”, phone number: ” 012-123 456 789″.

4) Open database Manager (e.g. MySql or Ms DB), connect to your local database server instance using JDBC, create table for Person and Stduent records. Try it out!

Assignment Activity 2: Develop the application of OOP features on the given topics which perform in a teamwork

In this assignment example student will develop the application of OOP features on the given topics which perform in a functional style. It’s not going to be difficult at all. Java script is an object-oriented language and has many classes available for use right off the bat, without any special name spacing or type constraints.

A string is really a class that can hold text data and act accordingly, but it’s not made explicit traditionally (to avoid the confusion with methods). A function makes an excellent base class for other types of classes as well because it usually implements at least one abstract operation which needs to be overridden by any concrete type that derives from it. Notice how natural inheritance should make sense already!

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Assignment Activity 3: Apply the main characteristics of OOP concept to professionally relate solutions to the real world problems

We can Apply the main characteristics of OOP concept to professionally relate solutions to the real world problems :

1) Abstraction. Having things in common makes it easier to deal with them individually because we can just think about the thing in general and don’t have to think so much about all of its details.

For example, a car is something that uses an engine to make wheels turn in order to move itself forward; but engines are highly complex pieces of machinery that involve magnetism and burning fuel. Allowing us to ignore the details behind how the engine actually drives the wheels allows us to view cars as having one attribute: they use engines for propulsion. Things that have attributes or behaviors are known as entities .

2) Encapsulation. This is the process of packaging up something with its implementation details, such as code and data, and providing an interface that lets other code use the package without having to know how it works internally.

For example, we might want to write some code that determines what color car each person has based on their name. We could simply check their name against built-in list of colors: “Red”, “Blue”, etc. But this one technique won’t work for every color; what about “Green”, for example?

For a more general solution, we might want to assume that a car’s color is stored in an instance variable of its class. So now our color-detection logic can simply use the instance variables and methods provided by the abstract base class Car.

If we think about encapsulation as wrapping up an object with all of its behaviors and properties into one neat package, then organization is basically deciding how these packages should be arranged into hierarchies .

3) Polymorphism allows us to treat entities with the same interface in different ways.

For example, we can have a function that takes an object as an argument and does something based on the type of the object passed in rather than just treating all objects in the same way. So if one value is a String object and another is an integer, they will be treated differently by this polymorphic function; the code inside it can take advantage of each type’s attributes and behaviors (i.e., specific methods provided by its class) .

Polymorphism allows us to use these generic or universal classes for any purpose without having to write special-purpose code for each case.

Polymorphism here refers to overloading operation such as add and subtract where multiple versions exist with the same name (add, add) but different numbers of arguments. We can use this feature to let us treat one object as if it has a property that it in fact doesn’t have .

4) Inheritance allows us to reuse code by creating classes from existing ones.  Because all subclasses inherit their superclass’ class definitions, they get the behavior built into them for free; we just need to extend these behaviors or override them so that subclasses can behave differently than their super classes when needed .

This lets us both create general-purpose reusable code because all classes share a common interface and perform specific tasks without having to write new code every time.

While inheritance is often associated with deriving a class from its superclass and overriding the methods that we want to change, it provides two other capabilities as well .

5) Polymorphism and inheritance can be combined to provide even more power.  Abstract classes don’t get their behavior from some concrete implementation but rather from elsewhere in the system, so they’re one way of separating an object’s interface (what kind of objects it can refer to or do things on) from its implementation .

This lets us define multiple implementations for a given abstract type; each subclass can specialize its behavior by implementing certain methods differently than others while retaining commonality with all of them .

Assignment Activity 4:Demonstrate a simple program individually using OOP features based on the information gained

We can demonstrate a simple program individually using OOP features based on the information gained. The program must use the concept of encapsulation, inheritance and polymorphism in order to perform general-purpose code.  It is not enough to simply copy it from a book , but we need to use our own logic during coding.

The best way to explain this as an example using OOP ( Object Oriented Programming ) . In this case, I’ll use C++ language used in UITM Malaysia . We can create a class that represents a car. It will have many methods for modifying the state of the car like start , stop etc . One method which converts its color based on the name of the person. Suppose that this car can run and it operates autonomously, without the interference of a driver.

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