CSC438 Fundamentals of Data Structure Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

CSC438- Fundamentals of Data Structure Assignment Sample UiTM Malaysia

In this course, we will learn about the many ways that a computer can store and organize information. We’ll see how to process large quantities of data with programming as well through object-oriented design.
The three most important things you should know are:

  • Data structures allow for multiple types of storage methods in one file (e.g., photographs), which saves space on your hard drive
  • Object-oriented development allows programmers to create solutions by using existing code from other projects instead of having to start completely new ones every time
  • Programming languages give computers instructions

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This assignment sample will cover some basic concepts of data structures including arrays, lists, stacks, queues, trees, and graphs using Python examples. The goal is to help you understand what these are by providing examples that illustrate their use cases while also teaching you about associated algorithms like sorting or searching them.

Assignment Brief Of CSC438- Fundamentals of Data Structure UITM Malaysia

In this course, there are many types of assignments given to students like
a group project, individual assignment, report, business plan, business proposal, executive summary, and the solutions are given by us.
Upon completion of this assignment sample, students should be able to:

Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate the understanding of data specification and abstraction

This assignment sample will explain data specification and abstraction. Data abstraction and specification is ubiquitous principle in computer science. They are a means of hiding the details of the implementation from the users. This is obviously done for security reasons, but there are other ways this can be beneficial too. For example, data that has been recently moved to another device or network may still have some transport errors which might make them harder to process without directly knowing how they were created.
In object-oriented programming languages like Java programs can only interact with objects through specified interfaces whereas C++ traditionally provides access to all fields on an object as if it was public member variables on a class (although there are restrictions).

Assignment Activity 2: Comprehend the fundamental data structures: List, Queue, and Stack

This assignment sample will explain the fundamental structure of list, queue and stack.

  • A List is an abstract data type that represents a sequence of items. Lists allow dynamic resizing and random access to both the first and last elements. With a List, you can insert an element at any position in the sequence with ease, or remove any one element from anywhere in the sequence just as easily. The oreder is in LIFO(Last In First Out) and FILO(First In Last Out).
  • A Queue is implemented using two stacks: one holding the items waiting to be processed (the rear) and one holding those finished being worked on (the front). The order is in FIFO(First In First Out).
  • Stacks are stores where multiple items are added to, but only the most recent items may be accessed—similar to a conveyor belt rolling on top of itself. The order is LIFO(Last In First Out) and FILO(First In Last Out).

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Assignment Activity 3: Apply the fundamental data structures using primitive and Abstract Data Type (ADTs)

This assignment example will apply the fundamental data structures using primitive and Abstract Data Type (ADTs).

In computer science, data structures are classified as either primitive or abstract. Primitive types can be stored in one integral type variable at a time (such as integers or floating point numbers), while abstract types may be composed of many variables.

Abstract Data Types ADT are a sub-class of Structured Data Type STL. Describe the use and implementation of data structures by using both a set notation and graphical representation for input, output, storage and organization schemes.
An abstract data type (ADT) is an abstract software-independent model of a data type. It defines what to do with a given data type and how to translate it into code, but doesn’t provide programmers with such implementations.

For example, CODE might specify the operations undo(L), save(L) and reload(L), which are to be implemented so that operators can repeat these actions on any instance L of the abstraction TYPE in order to make changes. An abstract data object (AO) or parametric class specifies commonality between multiple instances but provides no implementation details about them.

Assignment Activity 4: Distinguish recursion from iteration using simple recursive functions

This assignment sample will explain the difference between recursion and iteration. Iteration is the process of repeating commands, selections or steps. Recursion is a particular type of iteration in which an instruction calls itself during execution, letting you stop because it “calls on” itself to loop.

Iteration is the act of repeating yourself again and again. Think about how a lawn gets mowed each spring. The first time around the gardener walks in one direction, coming back to where he started – that’s iteration (going over something more than once).

Recursion is the process of solving a problem by dividing it into smaller problems that are themselves similar to the original problem, and solve those using earlier solutions (basically breaking down problems into manageable pieces). To distinguish recursion from iteration, imagine being given two numbers by an unrelenting math teacher with unyielding standards – say 6 and 7. By iterating twice you can get as close as you need to 6 or 7 at any time:

Assignment Activity 5: Implement various types of tree operations

This assignment sample will discuss the basic types of tree operations are:-

  • Insertion- Add element in tree or make a new tree.
  • Search- Search for an element in a tree.
  • Pre order traversal- Traverse the entire tree in pre order
  • In order traversal- Traverse the entire tree in In order manner.
  • Post order traversal- Traverse the entire tree in post order manner

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The above assignment sample is absed on CSC438- Fundamentals of Data Structure.

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