CGE660 Engineering Economics Of Oil And Gas Operations UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

CGE660 Engineering Economics of Oil and Gas Operations is a specialized course offered by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM) that focuses on the economic analysis of the oil and gas industry. This course is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to understand the financial aspects of the oil and gas operations, including investment decision-making, risk management, and the impact of economic factors on the industry. 

The course is suitable for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the oil and gas industry or related fields, as well as professionals who are seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the area of engineering economics. Through this course, students will develop a deep understanding of the principles and tools of engineering economics, which are essential for making informed decisions in the complex and dynamic oil and gas industry.

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Here, we will discuss some assignment briefs. These are:

Assignment Brief 1: Describe the economic aspects of the upstream petroleum project.

The economic aspects of an upstream petroleum project refer to the financial considerations involved in the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas resources. The upstream sector includes activities such as exploration, drilling, production, and transportation of oil and gas.

Some of the key economic aspects of an upstream petroleum project include:

  1. Capital Investment: Upstream projects require significant capital investment in the form of exploration, drilling, production facilities, and transportation infrastructure. The investment required for exploration and development depends on the geology of the area and the size of the reserves.
  2. Revenue Generation: The primary objective of upstream projects is to generate revenue through the production and sale of oil and gas. The revenue is dependent on the price of oil and gas and the quantity produced. The price of oil and gas is subject to market forces and can be volatile.
  3. Cost Control: Upstream projects require careful cost management to ensure profitability. The cost of exploration, drilling, and production can vary depending on the location, the size of the project, and the technology used. Cost control is critical to ensure that the project remains profitable even during times of low oil and gas prices.
  4. Risk Management: Upstream projects are subject to numerous risks, including geological, technical, and financial risks. Effective risk management is crucial to minimize these risks and ensure the success of the project.
  5. Environmental Considerations: The environmental impact of upstream projects is a significant consideration, and the costs associated with mitigating the impact must be factored into the economic analysis. Governments and regulatory bodies also impose strict regulations on the industry to ensure that the environment is protected.
  6. Employment and Local Economic Development: Upstream projects can create jobs and generate economic activity in the areas where they operate. The development of local supply chains and the use of local labor can provide a significant economic boost to communities in the vicinity of the project.

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Assignment Brief 2: Estimate the upstream petroleum project’s worth by employing profitability measures.

To estimate the worth of an upstream petroleum project using profitability measures, you can use several financial ratios and metrics. Here are some of the key profitability measures to consider:

  1. Net Present Value (NPV): This measures the project’s potential profitability by comparing the present value of the project’s cash inflows to the present value of its cash outflows. A positive NPV indicates that the project is expected to generate a profit.
  2. Internal Rate of Return (IRR): This measures the project’s expected rate of return based on its cash inflows and outflows. The IRR is the discount rate that makes the NPV of the project equal to zero. A higher IRR indicates a more profitable project.
  3. Return on Investment (ROI): This measures the return on the initial investment in the project. It is calculated by dividing the project’s net income by the initial investment. A higher ROI indicates a more profitable project.
  4. Profit Margin: This measures the percentage of revenue that remains as profit after deducting all costs. A higher profit margin indicates a more profitable project.
  5. Cash Flow Return on Investment (CFROI): This measures the amount of cash generated by the project in relation to the amount invested in it. A higher CFROI indicates a more profitable project.

By calculating and analyzing these profitability measures, you can get a better idea of the potential worth of an upstream petroleum project. However, it’s important to note that these measures are just estimates and should be used in conjunction with other financial and non-financial factors when making investment decisions.

Assignment Brief 3: Perform the sensitivity and decision tree analysis on upstream projects.

Performing sensitivity and decision tree analysis on upstream projects involves identifying and analyzing the various factors that can affect the success of the projects. These factors include internal factors such as project scope, resources, and timelines, as well as external factors such as market conditions, competition, and regulatory requirements.

Sensitivity analysis involves identifying the key variables that can impact the project’s outcome and analyzing the impact of changes in these variables on the project’s success. For example, in an upstream oil and gas project, the key variables could be the price of crude oil, the availability of skilled labor, and environmental regulations. By analyzing how changes in these variables affect the project’s outcome, project managers can make informed decisions about how to adjust the project plan to mitigate risks and maximize opportunities.

Decision tree analysis involves creating a graphical representation of the different possible outcomes of the project based on different decision points. For example, in an upstream oil and gas project, a decision tree could be used to analyze the impact of different drilling locations, drilling technologies, and production methods on the project’s success. By mapping out the different possible outcomes and their probabilities, project managers can make more informed decisions about which strategies to pursue.

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