BBEK1103 Principles Of Microeconomics Assignment Sample Malaysia

OUM BBEK1103 Principles of Macroeconomics is a course offered by Open University Malaysia (OUM). This 3 credit hour worth of study can be covered in 8 to 15 weeks and it’s one you’ll want on your resume.

Microeconomics is a difficult subject to master, and understanding the concepts can be even more challenging. This sample will provide you with a sample of what an assignment would look like in order to help clarify some key points. It’s important that you take the time to read this carefully as it contains crucial information on how to complete your assignment correctly.

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Study Schedule Of BBEK1103 Principles Of Microeconomics Course

The 120 study hours can be accumulated in a variety of ways. The table shows an estimation for how the credit could be earned and what you would need to do so.

Study Activities Study Time
Briefly go through the course content and participate in the initial discussion 3
Study the module 60
Attend 3 to 5 tutorial sessions 10
Online participation 12
Revision 15
Assignment(s), test(s) and examination(s) 20

BBEK1103 Principles Of Microeconomics Assignment Task

By the end of this individual assignment, you will be able to:

We also provide the following types of assignments. These are:

  • Project
  • Group assignment
  • Assignment Acknowledgment
  • Case Study
  • Cover sheet
  • Journal Writing
  • Reflective writing
  • Tutorial solution

Assignment Task 1: Apply the concepts of macroeconomics from economic perspectives

Macroeconomics is the study of the way an entire economy behaves. Macroeconomic policies include government policies in areas such as monetary, fiscal, and supply-side objectives.

Among these economic perspectives, supply-side economics is a branch of macroeconomics that considers how different economic variables affect levels of national output. Supply-side economics focuses on factors internal to production which affect growth in aggregate supply rather than consumption on the demand side. Investment incentives from tax cuts or reducing regulation may encourage businesses to make their factories more efficient or hire more workers which increases productivity and output respectively without demanding greater consumption from consumers. In this sense, macroeconomists who sympathize with this school of thought believe favouring consumption will create less pressure for companies to invest in producing goods for the market.

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Assignment Task 2: Interpret the macroeconomics information using visual data/articles

Macroeconomics is about the large-scale finances that dictate the workings of an economy. The relationship between macroeconomics and data visualization is that data visualization helps to provide macroeconomic analysis in a way that’s easy to understand by laymen. For example, GDP per capita can be hard to wrap one’s head around.

One thing worth mentioning though is that there are multiple presentations of visualizations available depending on how much detail you want to present and how much detail people want from your visualizations. However, you have to be careful about maintaining consistency throughout your visualizations.

Assignment Task 3: Analyse the effects of various macroeconomics policies on the growth of a country

The policies which hinder economic growth the most are the restrictive financial regulations. For this to become clearer, we must take a look at how financial regulations work.

Financial regulations limit an industry’s ability to offer credit and therefore collect interest. Since interest is what finances economic activity in countries around the world, limiting it prevents companies from investing money and taking advantage of new opportunities for profit – both of which contribute to the GDP. It also reduces loans available to startups and limits global trade since financing becomes unavailable or too costly for many people and businesses who need it. Financial regulations should be used sparingly because they fundamentally hinder the economy instead of supporting it.

Topics Of BBEK1103 Principles Of Microeconomics Course

This course is divided into 10 topics. The following summaries for each topic are presented below:

Topic 1: The field of economics is a complicated and multifaceted topic that deals with the distribution, production, consumption as well as financial aspects of society. It can be applied at all levels from individual behavior to macro-level considerations for governments who want more efficient policies when it comes down their budgets or how much they spend on certain things like defense spending versus education subsidies because there are many different perspectives within this broad generalized study which ranges over various disciplines such economic theory among others.

Topic 2: The national production topic in macroeconomics is one of the most important concepts because it explains how countries earn money. The circular flow theory connects households and businesses together to make sure that everyone has enough resources for his or her needs, which means a higher Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Topic 3: The equilibrium in an economy is determined by the supply and demand for its products. To learn about how this happens, one must study aggregate demand components such as consumption, investment, government expenditure, or net export – which all affect national income levels when they are greater than zero but less than the perfect competition will cause prices across these goods/services to change until there’s just enough people willing buy up what’s leftover so that each individual retailer can turn a profit without worrying too much if they’re making more money off their customers rather then suppliers because after accounting taxes on both sides every single cent spent comes out.

Topic 4: This module will explore the concept of money and its importance in modern-day life. The first part focuses on what we call “money” as well as how it’s created by banks or financial institutions, then moves on to discussing various types such as credit creation process with qualitative policies for interest rates, etc., all while explaining why there is demand for this type so much more than others!

Topic 5: The economy is a complex system that consists of multiple sectors and markets, but it can be understood by understanding how money moves through these networks. The relationship between goods production and consumption as well as the flow of capital in both directions links all three important aspects together: economic growth (fiscal policy), stability (monetary) & prosperity for everyone!

Topic 6: The aggregate demand and supply model teaches you how to understand the factors that cause a negatively sloped curve, such as consumption levels or investment spending. You will also learn about components of aggregate demand like government expenditure and net exports which can affect price equilibrium in an economy through their determinants on production by firms.

Topic 7: Unemployment is a condition where people cannot find employment. There are three types of unemployment: discouraged, structural, and voluntary. Structural labor market barriers such as technological advancement can force some workers out while other factors like globalization mean that others may be willing to work for lower pay than they used in years past; however, there’s also ‘discouraged’ or late coming shortages due which means those with skills at risk will most likely experience decreased earnings potential even if demand recovers later down the road.

Topic 8: The concept of international trade is a much-studied and debated topic. In this course, we will explore the factors that encourage people to engage in cross-border commerce with different countries across various terrains – from hot zones where labor productivity lies at an advantage due to cheap heating costs or cold areas richly endowed by natural resources which are more costly but also provide enough warmth for homes through harsh climates requiring heavy clothing use every day because there’s no way around them without protection against fierce weather conditions like strong winds known as killers.

Topic 9: This course covers the basics of international finance. Learners will be introduced to how foreign exchange rates impact trade and economy, as well as what influences them in different ways – including economic policies or fluctuations in overseas markets like oil prices for example! You’ll also learn about balance-of payments elements such as current account (what it does), capital account (how much should go into savings) official settlement accounts which keep track at home–it’s important stuff so don’t skip ahead here by accident.

Topic 10: The history of monetary systems is a complicated one, and this lesson intends to give you just the basics. We’ll be discussing two in particular: The Gold Standard system and Bretton Woods Agreement. It was not uncommon for these types of agreements to fail as time went on; we will discuss their downfall so that learners can see how it happened before getting into any details about why each failed or what improvements might need to be made going forward!

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