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CBE663 Downstream Processing course offered by Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM). This course is designed to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the principles and practices involved in the downstream processing of biological products. Downstream processing refers to the purification and separation of bio-products after the fermentation or cell culture stage, which is critical for obtaining high-quality products for various applications such as food, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

Throughout this course, students will learn about the various unit operations involved in downstream processing, including filtration, chromatography, and centrifugation, as well as the different techniques for product recovery and purification. The course will also cover the regulatory and quality control aspects of downstream processing, including the use of analytical techniques for product characterization and validation.

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Here, we will describe some assignment activities. These are:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the stages of downstream processes and its application.

Downstream processing refers to the final steps in the production of biopharmaceutical products, where the harvested product is purified and concentrated to obtain the desired product in a form suitable for administration. The downstream process can be broadly divided into several stages, each with specific applications:

  1. Clarification: This stage involves the removal of solid impurities such as cells, debris, and cell membranes. The application of clarification is to remove impurities that can hinder the subsequent purification steps.
  2. Purification: This stage involves the separation of the target product from other proteins, contaminants, and impurities. Purification can be achieved through various methods such as chromatography, precipitation, and membrane filtration. The application of purification is to obtain a highly pure product that is suitable for administration.
  3. Concentration: This stage involves the removal of excess water to obtain a highly concentrated product. The application of concentration is to reduce the volume of the product for easier handling and storage.
  4. Formulation: This stage involves the preparation of the final product in a suitable form for administration. Formulation can include steps such as adding stabilizers, buffers, or preservatives to ensure the stability of the product. The application of formulation is to ensure that the final product is suitable for administration and has a long shelf life.
  5. Final sterilization: This stage involves the removal of any remaining microorganisms to ensure the safety of the final product. The application of final sterilization is to ensure that the product is free of harmful microorganisms that could cause infections.

Overall, the downstream process plays a critical role in the production of biopharmaceutical products. The stages of downstream processing ensure that the final product is highly pure, concentrated, and safe for administration.

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Assignment Activity 2: Differentiate the stages of downstream processes according to the design and applications.

Downstream processes refer to the purification and separation of a biological product from the crude mixture of fermentation or bioprocesses. These processes can be classified into three different stages based on their design and application:

Primary Recovery Stage:

This stage is focused on the initial purification of the product from the cell mass or broth of the bioprocess. It involves mechanical separation, such as centrifugation or filtration, to remove the biomass and other impurities. The primary recovery stage is typically followed by a concentration step that concentrates the target molecule and reduces the volume of the sample, making it easier to handle in subsequent stages.


This stage is used to produce primary concentrates of products for further downstream processing, such as the production of crude enzymes, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccines.

Secondary Recovery Stage:

In this stage, the product is further purified to remove impurities such as host cell proteins, DNA, and endotoxins. The purification can be achieved through various methods such as chromatography, electrophoresis, and precipitation. This stage also involves intermediate steps such as buffer exchange, diafiltration, and virus removal to obtain the desired purity level.


The secondary recovery stage is used to produce purified products that can be used in various applications such as biopharmaceuticals, diagnostic kits, and biocatalysts.

Tertiary Recovery Stage:

This stage involves final polishing of the product to achieve the desired level of purity and quality. This stage includes final chromatography, viral inactivation or removal, and formulation to achieve the desired physical and chemical properties of the product.


The tertiary recovery stage is used to produce high-quality products that meet regulatory requirements for use in human therapeutics or other sensitive applications, such as vaccines or gene therapies.

Overall, the different stages of downstream processes are designed to purify and separate biological products from crude mixtures to produce high-quality, pure products for various applications. The stage at which a product is purified will depend on the intended use and the regulatory requirements that apply.

Assignment Activity 3: Evaluate the integration of the downstream processes based on the design and applications.

The integration of downstream processes is an essential step in designing and implementing an efficient and effective manufacturing process. Downstream processes refer to the steps that follow the initial production of a product or intermediate, such as purification, separation, and formulation. These processes are critical for ensuring that the final product meets the desired quality and specifications.

To integrate downstream processes effectively, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the design and application requirements of the product. This includes factors such as the intended use of the product, its physical and chemical properties, and any regulatory or safety considerations.

Once these requirements are understood, the downstream processes can be designed to optimize the quality and yield of the final product. This may involve selecting the appropriate purification techniques, optimizing the separation process, and formulating the final product to meet specific requirements.

Effective integration of downstream processes requires close collaboration between the various teams involved in the production process, including process development, quality control, and manufacturing. Communication and coordination are essential to ensure that each step in the downstream process is optimized and that the final product meets all quality and safety requirements.

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