BSR656 Building Control III UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BSR656 Building Control III course is a third-year undergraduate course offered by the Department of Building and Construction at UITM. The course is designed to provide students with an advanced understanding of the principles of building control, with a particular focus on the application of these principles in the design and construction of high-rise buildings.

The course covers a range of topics, including the principles of structural design, fire safety, acoustics, lighting, thermal comfort, and sustainability. It also includes a significant practical component, in which students are required to design and construct a full-scale mock-up of a high-rise building.

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Assignment Objective 1: Interpret the concepts, features and principles of the law of property.

The law of property is a legal framework that governs the ownership, use, and transfer of assets, such as land, buildings, personal possessions, and intellectual property. The following are the main concepts, features, and principles of the law of property:

  1. Ownership: The law of property recognizes ownership rights, which include the right to use, sell, transfer, and exclude others from using or possessing the property.
  2. Possession: Possession is the physical control or occupancy of property. It is a temporary right to use and enjoy the property, but it does not necessarily confer ownership.
  3. Transfer: Property rights can be transferred from one person to another through sale, gift, or inheritance. The law of property provides rules and procedures for transferring property rights.
  4. Title: Title refers to the legal right to ownership of property. It provides evidence of ownership and is often recorded in public records.
  5. Estates: Estates are different types of ownership interests in property. The law of property recognizes different types of estates, such as fee simple, life estate, and leasehold estate.
  6. Easements: Easements are rights to use or access someone else’s property for a specific purpose, such as a right-of-way or a utility easement.
  7. Intellectual Property: The law of property also includes rules and principles for protecting intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

The principles of the law of property include:

  1. The right to exclude others from using or possessing property is a fundamental principle of property law.
  2. Property rights are not absolute and can be limited by laws and regulations.
  3. Property rights can be acquired, transferred, and extinguished through legal means.
  4. Property law seeks to balance the interests of individual property owners with the interests of society as a whole.
  5. The law of property recognizes the importance of property as a source of wealth and investment, and seeks to protect the rights of property owners while promoting economic growth and development.


Assignment Objective 2: Explain the relationship between the law of property development and strata title management.

The law of property development and strata title management are closely related, as both are concerned with the legal aspects of owning and managing property in multi-unit buildings.

The law of property development governs the process of creating and developing properties, including the acquisition of land, obtaining planning permission, and constructing buildings. This area of law is essential for property developers who want to ensure that their projects comply with all relevant regulations and legal requirements.

On the other hand, strata title management refers to the legal framework for managing common property in multi-unit buildings such as apartments or townhouses. In strata title management, each individual owner of a unit has a share in the common property, such as the elevators, hallways, and outdoor areas. Strata title management involves the establishment of a strata corporation, which is responsible for the maintenance and management of the common property, as well as the establishment of by-laws that govern the use of the property by individual owners.

Therefore, property developers who plan to create multi-unit buildings must consider the requirements for strata title management in their development plans. The developer must ensure that the building design and construction meet the necessary legal requirements for strata title management and that the necessary legal documents and agreements are in place to facilitate the establishment of a strata corporation. Failure to do so can result in legal disputes and complications down the line, which can be costly and time-consuming to resolve.

Assignment Objective 3: Assess the importance of the property law as a professional building surveyor/building control officer.

As a professional building surveyor/building control officer, property law is a critical aspect of your job. Understanding property law is essential to ensure compliance with legal requirements and to protect the interests of both property owners and the public.

One of the primary responsibilities of a building surveyor/building control officer is to ensure that buildings are constructed, altered, or repaired in compliance with the relevant building codes and regulations. Property law provides the framework for these regulations, and understanding it is essential for ensuring that all aspects of a building project comply with legal requirements.

Additionally, property law provides the legal framework for property ownership, boundaries, and rights. As a building surveyor/building control officer, you may be required to assess property boundaries and determine whether a proposed development complies with the relevant zoning regulations. Understanding property law is essential to perform these tasks accurately and effectively.

Finally, property law provides a framework for resolving disputes related to property ownership, construction, and use. As a building surveyor/building control officer, you may be called upon to provide expert testimony in such disputes, and a deep understanding of property law is critical to do so effectively.


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