BQS701 Practical Training UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BQS701 Practical Training course is a unique opportunity to explore the basics of practical work in an accessible, hands-on environment. Students will be provided with all the knowledge and resources they need to become part of a productive and functioning team.

Through this course, participants can build upon their existing skills and knowledge to gain valuable experience that will serve them well in their future careers. By learning how to independently manage tasks, organize events and troubleshoot potential problems, students can move forward confidently when taking on new projects or succeeding in the workplace.

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In this segment, we will outline a few project objectives. They are as follows:

Assignment Objective 1: Demonstrate an understanding of current Quantity Surveyor practice and office procedures through a systematic working environment.

Quantity Surveyors are tasked with providing accurate estimates of construction projects, making sure costs associated with the job remain within budget. While many tasks must be completed onsite, much of their work takes place in an office environment requiring a well-organized and meticulous method of working. A systemized workflow enables Quantity Surveyors to efficiently process data and generate accurate reports in response to project needs.

By following best practice standards based on established industry benchmarks, such as updating task assignments quickly and embracing digital tools as needed, Quantity Surveyors can remain current and get the most out of their everyday workloads. Through an understanding of these office procedures and a dedication to staying informed about new developments in the field, Quantity Surveyors can maintain high standards for quality and performance in the workplace.

Assignment Objective 2: Adhere to the rules, regulations, and standard operating procedures of the respective employers.

Working in any professional capacity requires adherence to basic rules, regulations, and standard operating procedures. All organizations have their own guidelines and policies that employees are expected to follow and respect. Building a safe and successful work environment for everyone starts with understanding the parameters surrounding the job at hand, and then consistently following them.

While it may seem tedious and monotonous on the surface, following established rules is integral for the company’s functioning and to promoting harmony in the workplace. Adhering to regulations ensures that everyone is on the same page, leading to a productive working atmosphere. In addition, understanding the importance of standard operating procedures can help employees responsibly perform their tasks while avoiding potential conflicts or issues with employers down the line.

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Assignment Objective 3: Practice tolerance and respect to the right and needs of another individual.

Practicing tolerance and respect is an essential part of living in a healthy society. Respecting one another means having an understanding of the diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and wishes of others. It means setting aside our own opinions and agendas to allow for different perspectives. Tolerance means we seek to understand someone else’s point of view before making a judgment or forming an opinion.

Through acceptance and tolerance, we can build relationships built on respect, kindness, and trust. We must remember that despite the areas where individuals may disagree there is still value in learning from other people’s experiences and beliefs without dismissing them immediately. Opening our minds to different ideas can help us open dialogue about sensitive subjects. Respectful conversations can even lead to understanding each other better and a greater sense of community among everyone involved.

Assignment Objective 4: Explain the standard operating procedure of the respective employers.

All employers should have a detailed set of standard operating procedures in place to ensure that operations run smoothly and efficiently. These procedures should include guides on topics such as employee safety, attendance, protocol in the event of an emergency, conflict resolution and customer service expectations.

Each procedure should be tailored to the particular goals and objectives of the employer while accommodating local government regulations and applicable industry best practices. Furthermore, all employees must be provided with necessary onboarding training that details how each procedure should be implemented to guarantee a safe, productive working environment. By implementing consistent standard operating procedures across the organization, employers can rest assured that their team is functioning at optimal levels.

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