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BGN142 Construction Materials I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BGN142 Construction Materials I course is an invaluable class for anyone looking to build a career in the construction or engineering field. Students will be exposed to an array of materials used in the building process and gain essential theoretical knowledge about different types of structures.

This course teaches students how innovative materials can be used for sustainable projects and encourages critical thinking skills about ways to maximize strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Students will also learn the fundamentals of material science as it applies to construction projects and respect for natural resources. With this comprehensive curriculum, students have all the tools they need to take their building designs from concept through completion!

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Let us explore some assignment activities, including:

Assignment Activity 1: Explain the types and properties of masonry and the main constituent materials of concrete in the construction industry.

A masonry is a form of construction utilized in many different architectures created both for aesthetics and practicality. Masonry walls are comprised of either brick, cement block, stone, or cinder blocks depending on the style or desired look. Each of these materials comes with its own unique properties ranging from thermal mass to electrical insulation.

Concrete is an important material used in most construction projects; its main constituents include cement, rocks, and sand. The type of aggregates used in concrete can vary the hardness, compressive strength, and other properties. It is considered one of the most durable building materials available, able to last through time even when exposed to harsh temperatures or moist conditions. Additionally, it can be mixed with pigments to maintain a uniform color that can be applied for decoration purposes which have gained traction over the past decade.

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Assignment Activity 2: Display the testing procedure of concrete material properties in accordance with the standards and requirements of the construction industry.

Testing the properties of concrete material is critical to ensure safe and effective construction. To meet industry standards and requirements, it is essential that test procedures are carried out thoroughly. These tests evaluate the physical and chemical structures of the concrete including its workability, water retention ability, compressive strength, density and ability to resist changes due to variations in temperature.

Additionally, non-destructive tests such as sonograms can be performed to detect potential issues that may result in future problems. With these tests in place, builders have confidence they are meeting their legal requirements while providing a quality product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the end user.

Assignment Activity 3: Report verbally and in writing the common type of defects in construction materials.

Construction defects are a common occurrence, and it is important for professionals in the field to be able to accurately report these issues both verbally and in writing. Typical types of defects found in construction materials could include moisture damage, cracking, corrosion, or structural instability. It is also possible that a defect could be caused by the use of low-grade construction materials or less-than-satisfactory workmanship.

By learning typical flaws associated with each material used, professionals can accurately identify problems and document them accordingly. Having an understanding of common building defects enables knowledgeable individuals to recognize these issues before they become a major problem.

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