BCT672 Professional Ethics And Integrity In Construction UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The BCT672 Professional Ethics and Integrity in Construction course provides an opportunity for construction professionals to become familiar with the regulations that have been developed to promote ethical business practices within the construction sector. What’s more, this course teaches students how to apply a high standard of professional ethics when working independently or as part of a team.

Through a critical reading of legal documents and case studies, participants gain insights into critical aspects such as duties to the public, personal responsibility and conflict resolution. Furthermore, those who complete this course will develop leadership skills enabling them to better understand and fulfill their ethical obligations in the workplace. In short, the BCT672 Professional Ethics and Integrity in Construction course provides invaluable knowledge that can be used throughout your career.

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This section will provide a description of various assignment briefs. These include:

Assignment brief 1: Explain the roles of professionals in the construction industry.

The construction industry requires a diverse range of professionals to complete even the most basic of projects. Architects, engineers, builders, and laborers are all essential components in ensuring a successful end result. Architects provide design services such as drawings and schedules that help guide instructions from the engineer.

Engineers are responsible for analyzing building plans, doing calculations, and specifying technical requirements such as structural steel sizes. Builders oversee project management which includes estimating costs and ordering materials needed for jobs. Lastly, laborers are required to physically build the structures according to plans provided by engineers and architects. Together, these professionals collaborate to create a safe work environment and deliver lasting value for stakeholders.

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Assignment Brief 2: Integrate positive values, attitudes, and ethics related to professional ethics and integrity in construction.

Integrating positive values, attitudes and ethics related to professional ethics and integrity in construction is essential to building a successful business. Effective leaders understand the importance of having strong ethical principles that are communicated clearly to workers and stakeholders alike. Good integrity also leads to more efficient projects, as those who feel their trust is respected tend to be more engaged during their work.

The industry benefits as a whole when everyone is held accountable for following the safety code and are willing to go above and beyond legal requirements. Ultimately, the integration of these positive values, attitudes and ethics promotes the growth of a culture that encourages fair treatment, respect, and responsibility on job sites across the world.

Assignment Brief 3: Demonstrate self-confidence and social responsibilities related to professional ethics and integrity in construction.

Professional ethics and integrity play a critical role in the construction industry. As a professional in this field, it is important to demonstrate self-confidence when making decisions, while maintaining social responsibility and openness to doing the right thing. Being aware of and following statutory guidelines, ethical codes, and procedures related to safety on the job site can be fundamental to preventing any potential problems.

Having a strong sense of personal integrity enables construction professionals to make ethical decisions with honesty and fairness in all business matters. Additionally, building trusting relationships takes continuous effort and communication between employers, employees, contractors, customers, and clients alike. The bottom line is that both self-confidence and social responsibility are essential when it comes to upholding excellence in professional ethics and integrity in the construction industry.

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