BCM613 Measurement Of Construction Works I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCM613 Measurement of Construction Works I is a great course for any student involved with construction and architecture. It offers an in-depth guide to how the measurements needed in the construction of buildings and roads are made, as well as provides insight into the various techniques and materials used in taking those measurements. An understanding of this course is essential if anyone wishes to excel in a career related to construction and design.

Students will gain technical skills such as computing foundations volume and also learn how to perform accurate measurements using contemporary technologies. It is therefore a great choice for anyone looking to get an edge up in a challenging job market where knowledge is essential for success.

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Here are some activities for completing assignments:

Assignment Activity 1: Prepare quantities for measurement of construction works.

In order to accurately measure and quantify work during a construction project, it is essential to prepare the necessary quantities beforehand. This includes having an accurate understanding of the components that must be purchased and procured for the project, as well as any subcontracting elements that must be negotiated. Estimators need to compare the scope of work outlined by their client with the dimensions listed by their suppliers; they also need to confirm measurements of site conditions represented by drawings and sketches.

Additionally, billing components such as labor hours, productivity rates, overhead costs, and material prices must be taken into account before the execution of any work. Preparation of these quantities is not just beneficial for providing accurate estimates–it can save time and money by reducing unnecessary purchases and avoiding disputes related to misunderstandings in measurements or standards.

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Assignment Activity 2: Display good numeracy skills for measurement of construction works.

Being able to accurately measure and quantify materials used in a construction project is necessary for success. Good numeracy skills are an invaluable tool in the construction industry, since gauging the type, quantity and cost of materials needed allows works to progress efficiently and within budget. It is therefore essential that those working on construction projects have the ability to calculate measurement accurately, otherwise errors may be made which could result in costly delays or worse.

Feeling comfortable with Mathematics is key for any engineer or supervisor to be successful in their role; having the knowledge and confidence to apply calculations for practical use will make all the difference when it comes to dealing with building measurements.

Assignment Activity 3: Practice curation of information in preparing Bill of Quantities for construction works.

Preparing a Bill of Quantities for construction works requires the careful and meticulous curating of the right information. This process should be taken seriously, as it is essential for ensuring a successful construction process. A Bill of Quantities typically contains detailed descriptions and calculations of all works required in the building project, so it is important to pay careful attention to each minute detail when preparing one.

Furthermore, consultation with a professional architect or contractor can add tremendous value in better understanding the scope of work to be done and developing an accurate Bill of Quantities. Ultimately, taking time to properly curate information and resources is key when preparing a reliable Bill of Quantities that will result in a successful conclusion to any building project.

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