BCT483 Environmental Technology UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCT483 Environmental Technology is a course offered at Penn State University. It allows students to explore ways of improving the efficiency of environmentally sustainable systems and processes. By examining current technologies, tools, and strategies, students in the course learn how to design projects that integrate principles from ecology with civil engineering, economics, law, and policy.

This unique combination of knowledge provides students with a solid understanding of why certain sustainability initiatives are effective and how to effectively navigate the implementation process. Through their studies in this course, participants graduate with the confidence and skills necessary for confronting current environmental challenges.

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Here, we will overview some assignment briefs. Specifically, they are:

Assignment Brief 1: Describe the fundamental knowledge of environmental science in the building.

Environmental science is an increasingly important area of study within the building industry. It involves understanding the structures, processes and elements of natural environment and ecosystems, as well as their interactions with human activities. Building occupants can impact the surrounding environment and must be prepared to take proactive action to reduce their carbon footprints. In order to understand how, it’s necessary for all staff members to have a fundamental knowledge of environmental science.

This includes general topics like resource conservation, climate change and environmental pollution, but can also include specialized information such as local geographic features or codes governing green building materials. Equipping yourself with basic knowledge related to environmental sustainability can go a long way in protecting our planet for generations to come.

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Assignment Brief 2: Perform skills to determine the effect of noise and lighting in building science and environment.

Building science and environmental engineering both involve understanding the effect of noise and lighting on a facility or structure. To obtain accurate results, it is necessary to have a comprehensive set of skills that enable practitioners to gauge these effects in any given situation. These skills include monitoring noise levels, assessing vibration ratios within walls and floors, analyzing lighting conditions for safety purposes, and comparing indoor air quality measurements with regional standards.

Utilizing these abilities can provide insights into how sound and light will interact in different areas of a building or environment, allowing experts to create solutions that are tailored to specific needs. With the proper know-how and technical competencies, professionals can effectively apply their knowledge on the effect of noise and lighting when constructing buildings or designing environments.

Assignment brief 3: Demonstrate effective leadership skills related to the impacts of environmental variables on the building science and environment.

In order to demonstrate effective leadership skills related to the impacts of environmental variables on the building science and environment, it is important to create a comprehensive understanding of the subject. As a leader in this field, one should look at both natural and man-made environmental conditions that impact construction decisions and be knowledgeable of both legal regulations as well as best practices. Additionally, they should be able to motivate people to consider ways that account for outside factors and how they interact structurally and thermally. Ultimately, proactive leadership in this area will help create more sustainable, efficient buildings that consider ecological pressures outside of the structure itself.

Assignment Brief 4: Demonstrate effective communication in discussing the impacts of environmental variables to the building science and environment.

When discussing the impacts of various environmental variables on building science and the environment, it is essential to use clear and effective communication. By describing the direct and indirect effects that environmental variables have on both building science and the environment, individuals can strengthen their understanding of this increasingly important topic. Looking at the broader context by providing examples of how adverse environmental conditions can impact both human beings and natural resources will also help ensure that this dialogue is mutually beneficial for all involved.

Communication must remain respectful so all parties are heard and included in discussions related to environmental variables and their influences. With open dialogues built on trust, respect, accuracy, transparency, empathy, collaboration and problem-solving we can effectively demonstrate our commitment to preserving our planet.

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