BCM553 Environmental Science And Engineering II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCM553 Environmental Science And Engineering II is an exciting advanced-level course designed to deepen students’ knowledge and understanding of the complex effects and advancements in environmental science. This comprehensive course provides theoretical and practical applications associated with a variety of current and emergent challenges in the field.

It will explore topics such as greenhouse gases, air, water, and soil pollution, climate change as well as eco-innovation, and renewable energies. Participants will develop a toolkit of critical mindsets, research methodologies, and technologies to assist them to make informed decisions about resolving contemporary environmental challenges.

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Herein, we will review a few assignment briefs:

Assignment Brief 1: Evaluate the impacts and importance of lighting and acoustics in the built environment.

The importance and impacts of lighting and acoustics in built environments cannot be understated. Lighting influences the experience of space and helps direct attention, while acoustic design can influence how people interact with each other. The effects are not just unilateral – a significant amount of research shows that effective lighting design, acoustics, and environmental noise have psychological effects on people. For example, effective acoustic management can help reduce stress levels and encourage productivity.

Conversely, too much noise or an inability to control soundscapes can lead to lowered attention spans and frustration with the environment. Similarly, lighting has been found to improve cognitive performance by increasing alertness as well as aiding visibility in otherwise difficult conditions and areas. Ultimately, lighting and acoustic solutions should be tailored to the environment at hand – it is essential that careful considerations are taken when implementing any changes in order to ensure positive outcomes for all users of the space.

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Assignment Brief 2: Present with confidence and responsiveness on lighting and acoustic in built environment issues.

Presenting with confidence and responsiveness on lighting and acoustic issues in built environments requires a strong understanding and technical knowledge. The ability to anticipate the needs of clients while navigating complicated architectural tasks is key. As a consultant, I find it important to assess the environmental conditions through visual inspections as well as measure any existing lighting levels or sound readings in the area. Being able to suggest solutions that are tailored to each client’s unique needs and budgets is also an essential part of presenting with confidence and responsiveness on these issues.

With my expertise resources, I am able to develop creative design concepts that take into account the energy efficiency parameters, noise control, ventilation systems, interoperability requirements, safety measures and other factors that must be accounted for when addressing lighting and acoustic issues in built environments.

Assignment Brief 3: Measure lighting and acoustic components for built environment case studies.

Lighting and acoustic components play a pivotal role in providing both functional and aesthetic value to the built environment. It is essential that these components are carefully measured in order to determine their energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, maintenance requirements, and other pertinent specifications. Measurement of lighting and acoustic components for built environment case studies can be accomplished through detailed analysis of architectural plans and field researchers, electrical load calculations, noise simulations, as well as qualitative and quantitative techniques.

This understanding should direct subsequent decisions regarding materials selection and placements in the space. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to measuring lighting or acoustic components, understanding all available strategies helps ensure that desired outcomes are achieved while adhering to regulatory standards.

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