BCM432 Information And Communication Technology UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCM432 Information And Communication Technology course is a great way to explore how technology shapes our lives in the modern world. As students, we need to be cognizant of the ever-changing digital landscape, and this course provides us with an overview and understanding of the communication strategies employed by leading companies.

Currently, these topics shape almost every form of communication whether in business or personal contexts. We can learn valuable lessons from these courses, enabling us to use technology better and more productively. Engaging with this content arms us with the knowledge necessary to understand and leverage current technologies for our benefit – both now and in the future!

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In this section, you will have the opportunity to work on a few assignment tasks. These are as follows:

Assignment Task 1: Distinguish suitable computer hardware and software applications for use in the construction industry.

The use of computer hardware and software applications is becoming more pervasive in the construction industry as project complexity increases. Having the right systems in place is essential for any successful construction project. In order to select suitable hardware and software, it is important to analyze the specific functional requirements and figure out what technology can support those requirements most effectively.

Many hardware components such as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality headsets are being adopted for better design visualization, while a variety of software solutions that provide support for document collaboration and effective task management offer key advantages. Ultimately, selecting appropriate computer hardware and software applications involves a careful assessment of need and functionality versus cost of acquisition and maintenance, enabling optimized decisions to be made when it comes to investing in technology.

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Assignment Task 2: Demonstrate knowledge and skills on the software application to accomplish the assigned task.

When it comes to completing an assigned task, knowing the software application inside and out is essential. Through my experience, I have become proficient in familiar applications as well as learning and retaining new ones with ease. My understanding of the different functions allows me to carry out tasks accurately and efficiently as I am already able to anticipate any potential problems that may arise while working. My knowledge and skill set enables me to take on projects independently, complete them to a high standard, and accurately implement changes when necessary.

Assignment Task 3: Present information clearly and appropriately well to the targeted audience.

In order to ensure that your message is clear and appropriate for the audience, it is important to tailor it according to the needs and expectations of that group. Start by understanding who you are speaking to, researching what they are interested in, and understanding their preferred level of detail. With this knowledge, you can proceed to gather facts and figures specifically targeted towards the right people, frame it in a manner that makes sense to them, and use language they will understand. Presenting information clearly and appropriately well to a targeted audience allows you to reach out more effectively and make sure your message is heard.

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