BCM423 Site Surveying I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

BCM423 Site Surveying I is a course designed to teach participants the basic knowledge and skillset necessary for surveying rocks and soil as part of engineering works. The course focuses on introducing practical methods for surveying sites and taking adequate measurements to inform further development decisions.

Participants also learn how to collect samples, interpret survey results and interpret technical drawings with the use of Total Stations. After completing this course, individuals will have a solid foundation in the principles of modern site surveying techniques and be confident enough to work with professional teams at tenders or complete the specifics needed prior to commencing construction projects.

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We will explore some stimulating assignment activities in this article. Such as;

Assignment Activity 1: Appraise knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to understand the measurement techniques and equipment used in site surveying.

It is essential to have an excellent understanding of mathematics, science, and engineering when analyzing the measurement techniques and equipment used in site surveying. Knowledge of these disciplines allows us to calculate values such as distances, angles, curves, slopes, and altitudes accurately. Moreover, a comprehensive appraisal can help us apply the appropriate equipment for outdoor data collection with pinpoint precision. Such a thorough assessment of mathematics, science and engineering form the foundation for producing highly dependable survey results that build trust among stakeholders.

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Assignment Activity 2: Demonstrate the use of surveying equipment for linear, contour and traverse surveying.

Surveying is an important tool used to analyze the land and environment, taking precise measurements of points along a large section of land. Linear, contour and traverse surveying are three types of surveying commonly utilized. Employing the proper surveying equipment enables accurate data collection according to all these specific types. For linear surveying, a surveyor will use an Automatic Level and Tripod to measure horizontal distances in order to survey a straight line between two known points.

Contour surveying utilizes the Auto Level and Tripod Data Collectors to map changes in elevation by marking off regularly spaced intervals along curved lines that follow over terrain changes. Traverse surveying uses an Electronic Total Station as well as Prism Poles and Reflector Targets for GPS positioning when mapping on flat terrain or when irregularities exist along routes in need of mapping. These pieces of equipment, when used correctly, provide reliable information for examining the schematic form of any surveyed area with great accuracy.

Assignment Activity 3: Interpret data by drawing and calculation.

Drawing data can be an effective way to interpret and better understand it. Not only is drawing a great visual aid, but it also forces you to be more analytical by thinking hard about what each graph or image should contain. When drawing the information, it can also help to calculate its values in order to make sure that the results are accurate and thus more meaningful when used for interpretations. Learning how to draw data and then use those visuals as a basis for understanding numbers can prove invaluable in any field, especially when you need fast interpretations that are easily seen by anyone.

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