ARK723 Collaborative Design UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The ARK723 Collaborative Design course gives students the opportunity to gain experience with and explore the fundamentals of innovative product architecture. This course emphasizes developing communication strategies that encourage collaboration between different design disciplines as well as exploring ways that stakeholders can meaningfully contribute to a project’s development.

Through this course, students will learn problem-solving techniques and strategies while interweaving issues such as sustainability, efficiency, and scalability into their designs. Students will gain valuable experience in leading projects that span multiple disciplines, framework development and management, sustainability initiatives, and lean prototyping among other topics related to collaborative design.

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Here are the list of assignment tasks for you to complete:

Assignment Task 1: Work in a team and be able to differentiate varying creative processes in achieving a holistic design outcome.

Working in a team environment is an essential part of creating a holistic design outcome that meets the needs of all stakeholders. It is important to ensure that the creative processes of each individual are respected and given their due importance, as this allows for idea collaboration and opens the possibility of approaching the project from different angles. This helps to create an end result that fosters collective ownership, allowing creativity to thrive while tapping into the different strengths and expert knowledge of each member on the team. When handled properly, working in a team leads to innovative solutions that meet all of the specifications laid out by those involved.

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Assignment Task 2: Develop a personal architectural language as a means to communicate among team members on confronting issues and problems for a specific architectural design task.

A personal architectural language is an invaluable tool for any architect, as it allows for greater understanding, clarity, and successful communication between project members. By creating a shared language to discuss and address issues within a specific design task, team members can brainstorm ideas more effectively, collaborate for far-reaching solutions, and critique one another’s work.

Developing such a language requires a conscious effort about incorporating meaningful terms related to the design task in question and discussing any important concepts among peers. Ultimately, this approach optimizes project productivity by creating a common platform of understanding that gives every individual an effective way to participate.

Assignment Task 3: Apply this experience to develop independent critical and philosophical attitudes in their design project.

Having a practical entry-level experience in design is beneficial for any aspiring designer hoping to take on larger projects. It provides the grounding and perspective necessary for them to develop their independent critical and philosophical attitudes when approaching their design project, which can ultimately assist in creating an individualized, distinctive style that reflects their own artistic voice. By connecting the knowledge they have acquired pre-project with their personal design sensibilities during the actual development of a project, designers can craft something original and meaningful that reflects who they are and what they bring to the table as an individual.

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