ARK721 Computer-Aided Architectural Design II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

ARK721 Computer-Aided Architectural Design II is an advanced course that helps students hone their skills on the computer when it comes to designing a structure. This course focuses on a wide array of topics, from historical theories to the technological trends of today. Advanced methods for creating 3D architectural drawings are explored in-depth, including traversing 3D space, developing complex objects with parametric tools and transforming objects mathematically using programming scripting languages like Python.

Additionally, the class teaches students how to design physical objects if they so choose. Instructors will guide participants as they learn about digital content creation, virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive digital fabrication. Finally, students will have the opportunity to learn about career options related to Computer Aided Design and Architecture at the end of the course.

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Here, we explore a variety of assignment briefs. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Formulate architectural models using architectural software.

Architectural software is an invaluable tool for designing, creating and formulating architectural models. It allows architects to quickly design and make changes to projects in a range of scales, from large-scale urban plans to small-scale furniture layouts. 3D programs enable architects to get an up-close view of their projects and make precise alterations or check that measurements are correct.

Furthermore, with the right programs, rendering becomes easier, allowing realistic visuals of projects to be seen without having experience in visual design techniques. Put simply, architectural software provides designers with much-needed flexibility when planning even the most ambitious projects.

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Assignment Brief 2: Demonstrate ability to communicate critically an architectural design using a computer-based tool.

Communicating complex architectural projects requires both a high aptitude for computer-based tools and a knowledgeable understanding of architecture. When a design team is working to create an architectural design, the ability to communicate in detail about designs constructed in the computer can be invaluable. By utilizing computer-based tools, a detailed description of the intricate features of any given design can be communicated clearly and quickly. This level of descriptive information helps to clarify exactly how each part of the project will look and feel when complete.

The more effectively ideas are communicated during planning phases, the smoother construction progress becomes down the line. Utilizing computer-based tools helps to ensure that each component of an architectural project is understood fully by all stakeholders involved, resulting in an outcome that meets everyone’s expectations.

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