ADS451 Ethics In Administration Assignment Sample UITM Malaysia

The ADS451 Ethics In Administration course is an invaluable learning opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the principles and responsibilities necessary for ethical decision-making processes in the administrative field. It focuses on the values of justice, democratic leadership, rights-respecting pluralism, ethical responsibility and transformational service that are essential for setting up equitable structures for responsible organization practices.

The course provides an opportunity for studying different ethical perspectives, identifying moral dilemmas faced by administrators in their professional pursuits and developing skills needed to deliver relevant solutions. Students also learn to create a constructive environment that responds to emerging challenges with integrity and foresight.

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In the following section, we will cover some of the assignment tasks. These include:

Assignment Task 1: Understand what are ethics and the various theories and thoughts of ethics.

Ethics are a set of values that determine the difference between right and wrong in our behavior and decision-making. There has been much thought and theorizing on the subject, with different philosophies proposing various approaches to understanding ethics. Utilitarianism is one such philosophy that argues that actions should be judged based on whether they promote overall happiness for the greatest number of people, while virtue ethics focuses on establishing rules of behavior based on virtues like courage, temperance, kindness and justice.

Deontological ethics, which come from religious writings or scriptures, hold that certain principles are absolute, so we must always act accordingly no matter what the consequences might be. Ultimately, wherever you look for answers about ethical behavior or moral dilemmas, it ultimately boils down to principles and considering what is best for most people in the long run.

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Assignment Task 2: Appreciate the role and importance of ethics in effective administration.

Ethical practice is essential for the successful administration of any organization. It provides a framework for decision-making that is conducted with fairness, respect, and integrity. Not only does ethical behavior create an environment conducive to productivity, but it also helps protect staff from potentially harmful actions. Through continuous assessment of ethical considerations within an organization, leaders create a culture of shared values and trust, allowing for structures and processes that foster collaboration and creativity.

Without an emphasis on principles such as inclusiveness and transparency, administrators may act impulsively without due consideration of all stakeholders involved, leading to inefficient outcomes or even conflicts. Appreciating the role and importance of ethics in effective administration thus essential enables administrations to reach optimal results while also maintaining harmony among their members.

Assignment Task 3: Applying the skills and methods in evaluating ethical issues.

Evaluating ethical issues is essential for decision-making in a variety of contexts. To effectively accomplish this important task, it is crucial to understand how to apply the necessary skills and methods that help to identify and analyze ethical dilemmas from all angles.

In many cases, this often requires thinking critically through various perspectives, gathering sound evidence and implementing clear strategies to ensure that the most beneficial course of action can be taken which benefits the stakeholders involved and adheres to relevant ethical obligations within a professional context. It is also prudent to incorporate thoughtful reflection as an element during the evaluation process as this helps provide an opportunity for self-improvement in handling similar scenarios in the future.

Assignment Task 4: Critically examine the individual and organizational values and assumptions that impinge upon the work life and the work environment.

Our work environment and the values that underpin our work life can act as a driver of both productivity and effectiveness. By examining subjective, individual values, like accountability and commitments to objectives, against the objective, organizational values of efficiency and customer satisfaction, there is potential to create a harmonious and productive workplace culture. Doing this involves critically evaluating corporate culture in terms of how individual value hierarchies fit into the wider organizational framework.

It also means looking carefully at ultimate aims and asserting agreed-upon objectives that everyone involved understands and is committed to achieving together. Allowing employees to feel heard and enabling them to contribute towards shaping their work environment is key in creating an empowering yet open space that puts respect for individuals at its center.

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