AAR654 Building Services II UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

AAR654 Building Services II provides a comprehensive overview of the intricate world of building services engineering. With this course, students will gain an in-depth understanding of building engineering fundamentals and develop problem-solving skills that are useful for designing buildings and systems.

Topics covered will include renewable energies, ventilation systems, heat transfer processes, air conditioning, and more. Every lesson is designed to challenge students’ current knowledge and expand their knowledge base. Students who take this course will be equipped with the necessary tools to develop into competent engineers with a global outlook.

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In this article, we will explore several assignment activities, including:

Assignment Activity 1: Demonstrate the principles and application of building services in building design.

Building services are essential components of modern building design, allowing occupants to work and live in safer, more efficient, and more comfortable environments. This involves the integration of electrical systems and mechanical systems including HVAC, fire suppression, and lift equipment. In practice, building services must be carefully designed with an eye toward sustainability, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Building services designers must work closely with architects to ensure technical performance without compromising aesthetic or environmental requirements.

This includes considerations regarding building energy efficiency; for example, renewable energy technologies and lighting designs that reduce reliance on potentially harmful artificial lighting sources such as fluorescent light bulbs. Ultimately, a well-designed building services system is integral to a harmonious working and living environment that meets sustainable building standards.

Assignment Activity 2: Explain the application methods and usage of building services related to different types and scales of buildings.

Building services are essential components of any building, and they can take on many forms. This involves large-scale utilities like electricity, gas, heat, water, etc., as well as smaller services such as communications and security. Depending on the needs of the building, there are multiple methods of installing and managing these services – from getting a contractor to install all new equipment, to retrofitting existing structures for different types of energy.

As for usage, energy efficiency plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of any building. That is why precise monitoring along with tweaking different settings can help maximize utilization and reduce costs down the line. Principles such as automation, environmental designs and more should be taken into consideration when working with different kinds of buildings, from residential complexes to office towers.

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