AAR653 Steel Structures And Foundation UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

AAR653 Steel Structures and Foundation is a foundational course that exposes students to the design of steel structures and the analysis of steel foundations. The topics taught include an introduction to the seismic behavior of ground, soil mechanics, and pile foundation design. In addition, students will learn about the different forces that act upon engineering soils and the process of estimating loads on engineering product designs.

They will also explore the use of finite elements for stability analysis and plastic collapse calculations, as well as important aspects of erection engineering related to location, installation methods, and safety requirements. All in all, this course serves as an invaluable resource for those looking to gain a solid understanding of steel structures and foundations.

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This section offers a collection of assignment briefs for you to explore. These include:

Assignment Brief 1: Discuss the application of steelwork and foundation in building construction.

Steelwork and foundations are integral elements of building construction. Steel is not only malleable and strong, making it a reliable material for constructing structural frameworks; its lightweight composition brings cost benefits for larger buildings that require more support spread out over greater distances. Foundation footings are necessary to ensure that those built structures remain structurally sound and secure.

They provide an anchor point with the ground so that they can bear loads of the structure and any unpredictable forces such as shifting soil, floods or earthquakes. The success of any building project thus lies in the successful application of steelwork and foundations to provide a dependable base upon which further construction can take place.

Assignment Brief 2: Apply the understanding of structural response and behavior of steel structures and foundations.

The ability to analyze and apply the understanding of the structural response and behavior of steel structures and foundations is a key skill for any engineer. Whether it is a small project or an enormous skyscraper, ensuring that the design meets safety and performance requirements is essential. By utilizing specialized tools such as finite element analysis, engineers are able to water down potential risks and hazards as they predict how different materials of a structure will behave in various scenarios, including earthquakes and strong winds.

With this data, they are then able to create designs that can withstand these conditions while still providing adequate support. Having a robust understanding of structural response and behavior of steel structures should be a must for any engineer looking to start their own engineering firm going forward.

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