AAR504 Architectural Science I UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

The AAR504 Architectural Science I course is an amazing resource for those looking to learn about building science principles from leading industry professionals. This introductory-level course covers essential concepts in motion, thermal comfort, and energy conservation. You will be introduced to the principles of pressure flow physics, solar orientation and daylighting techniques, and material selection strategies that contribute to the strength of each construction project. Learn the fundamentals of building science in this comprehensive course tailored for participants with little prior knowledge of the subject matter.

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Assignment Task 1: Demonstrate the utilization and effects of environmental sciences in building design.

Environmental sciences play an important role in creating sustainable building designs. By considering the natural environment and climate, understandings of energy usage, water management and materials selection can inform strategic design decisions that strive toward zero carbon emissions. Utilizing environmentally conscious building practices is beneficial not only for sustainability but also risk mitigation as rigorous models of evaluation are used to analyze climate-related vulnerabilities such as flooding, sea level rise and windstorms.

Furthermore, when designers incorporate renewable energy systems into their designs, green energy generation and storage can reduce reliance on costly grid connections while also making buildings more efficient. Ultimately, the integration of environmental science knowledge into building design delivers tangible benefits for both the environment and humans living within a structure; building inhabitants have the advantage of improved air quality due to increased airflow from smart orientations along with reduced noise pollution from surrounding environmental sources.

Assignment Task 2: Discuss the application of environmental sciences in building design.

Environmental sciences have become a fundamental consideration in designing sustainable buildings. Architects and engineers must integrate principles of environmental science into the building design process ranging from energy conservation to water management. By studying airflows, ventilation, heating and cooling systems, daylight patterns, and other important components of building performance related to the natural environment, architects can construct more efficient buildings with reduced resource demand.

Additionally, ecologists and biologists can provide insight into the usage of local materials and construction methods that are best suited for the ecology of a given area as well as incorporate strategies that encourage biodiversity onsite. Ultimately, the efficient application of environmental sciences in building design leads to both improved occupant health as well as social responsibility towards environmental stewardship.

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