AAR405 Design Drawing And Communication UITM Assignment Sample Malaysia

AAR405 Design Drawing and Communication is a course designed to help budding designers learn the skills needed to express their ideas through graphic design. This course covers a variety of topics, such as viewing drawings with interpretative quality, using various scales in production drawings, and learning the fundamentals of Computer-Aided Design (CAD). With this course, students develop an understanding of communication strategies that serve their vision for design.

Through demonstrations, tutorials, critique sessions and projects students build knowledge about visual communication needs in product design. Not only does the course teach important technical skills; it also provides contexts that sharpen creativity and innovative thinking.

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As outlined in this document, we have several tasks that need completion. These are:

Assignment Task 1: Display competency in using the technical equipment for architectural drafting and model-making.

In architectural drafting and model-making, technical equipment is an essential tool for efficiently and accurately depicting designs. I am proficient in their operation, having gained ample experience with a wide range of software such as AutoCAD, Sketchup and 3DS MAX throughout my educational and professional career. My proficiency and skill set enables me to produce quality models and renderings using modern technologies within deadlines.

I possess knowledge specifically related to accurate rendering and modeling techniques like ray tracing, wireframes etc. which help build momentum in the project timeline. Furthermore, I am also aware of the safety measures that need to be taken while operating sophisticated machinery such as laser cutters. All this makes me a worthy asset to your organization who can successfully implement the use of technical equipment in order to effectively fulfill all the needs of any project.

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Assignment Task 2: Demonstrate competency in freehand architectural illustration.

The freehand architectural illustration is a valuable skill to have, and one that I have worked hard to obtain. I am confident in my ability to interpret a 2D design concept onto paper accurately and with exceptional creativity. My skill set includes figure-ground relationships, directions of light, the scale of furniture pieces, and elements such as lines of sight and areas of privacy. What’s more, through freehand architectural illustration I can make quick changes to any design with ease, ensuring the client’s vision is still thoroughly taken into account. With this valuable tool in my arsenal, I look forward to bringing creative design concepts to life on paper.

Assignment Task 3: Display the knowledge and skill of draughtsmanship in actual architectural presentation drawings and models.

As a professional architect, draughtsmanship skills are essential in order to deliver an effective visual representation of the design intent behind architectural presentations. Final drawings and models must demonstrate an accurate understanding of technical detailing, including precise measurements and selection of appropriate materials for the project. Strong draughtsmanship is key in showcasing these principles to achieve a successful presentation. This requires expertise not just in technique, but also a considered eye on how best to present information that communicates the design intent. By displaying knowledge and skill in draughtsmanship across final presentation drawings or models, architects can show they have truly mastered the craft of architecture.

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