You are the newly appointed Human Resource Director at OneStop Bank.  This bank has twenty branches in other countries: Strategic Human Resource Management Individual Assignment, SU, Malaysia


Sunway University (SU)

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Individual Assignment


Strategic Human Resource Management

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You are the newly appointed Human Resource Director at OneStop Bank.  This bank has twenty branches in other countries.  You found that the turnover of staff at this bank is quite rapid and at the same time, customers’ complaints were also increasing at an alarming speed.   Upon investigation, you realized that most of the newly recruited staff were incompetent in performing the task given which is due to improper selection methods.  The bank used interviews solely as a means of selection.  As a new director, you decided to introduce other selection methods to supplement the interview.  Conduct secondary research and propose appropriate selection methods for implementation to the top management.


Detail of the assignment:

This assignment requires you to evaluate the pros and cons of interviews and examine other appropriate selection methods to propose to the top management based on human capital provided.  Thus, you are required to review literature on various selection methods and their benefits.  Lastly provide your recommendations based on best practices in the industry focusing on banking services.

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