You are required to choose a case for a patient who suffered from a Genitourinary or Endocrine disease/disorder: Genitourinary Case Study, IMC, Malaysia

University International Medical College (IMC)
Subject Genitourinary

You are required to choose a case for a patient who suffered from a Genitourinary or Endocrine disease/disorder. As a nurse, you are required to develop a nursing care plan for this patient, and the written assignment should include:

Start with a general introductory sentence and then introduce the topic more specifically on the disease. Define all significant concepts or keywords; explain briefly what the topic is about, and what your main argument will be.

This will contain the following subheadings. Make sure the content is supported by evidence such as specific examples or references to your reading. All sources must be acknowledged accurately.

  • Describe the disease and the pathophysiology of the disease
  • Describe the signs and symptoms
  • Describe the medical diagnosis methods for the disease
  • Develop and discuss a complete nursing care plan for this patient with the rationales.
  • Elaborate on the health education and promotion for this patient with the rationales.

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