You are provided with ONE peer-reviewed article related to PAR as follows Working Towards the Promise of Participatory Action Research: Healthy Aging Assignment, UCSI, Malaysia


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Healthy Aging

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*PAR peer-reviewed articles*:

You are provided with ONE peer-reviewed article related to PAR as follows. Working Towards the Promise of Participatory Action Research: Learning From Ageing Research Exemplars You are required to provide a critical appraisal report for the article based on the following guidelines.

Introduction: Provide an appropriate introduction for context. Critical appraisal and Critical appreciation of Articles—30 % As you read through the paper, answer the following questions.


  • How is this paper intended to contribute to practice, to the author’s field of inquiry, and how it is related to ongoing debates in your subject area?
  • What claims does the author make? What key themes emerge from the research?
  • What is the methodological orientation of the research?

*Critical Analysis*

  • What evidence is presented for the claims made?
  • What argument is being made?

*Critical Appreciation*

  • What are the implications for practice?
  • What further research now needs doing?
  • What effect has this paper had on your thinking about the issues
  • What lessons concerning method and approach can we take from reading and critiquing this paper?

*Summary of readings and conclusion*

5 % -What was particularly significant from your reading?

How do these readings help your thinking about the topic of PAR research if you intend to do one?

  • Include/Indicate references for all material from any source, even paraphrased material. You must cite all ideas that are not completely original or your own, in the body of the paper, as well as with a full citation in the reference list at the end. If you do not cite these ideas, or if you fail to use quotation marks when you include a direct quote, you are plagiarizing, claiming credit for ideas that are not your own. Any plagiarizing will result in a failed paper.
  • All references in appropriate APA style

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