You are expected to undertake an individual innovation project and to submit a project report to London: Innovating Digital Systems and Services Course Work, APU, Malaysia

University Asia Pacific University (APU)
Subject Innovating Digital Systems and Services
  • You are expected to undertake an individual innovation project and to submit a project report to London. You should take some care in selecting a project topic and preparing for this substantial task. To achieve good results in this course, you will need to devote substantial time to this project and ensure that you work on your project consistently over the year. There is no way that you can ‘rush’ the project at the last moment.
  • The idea of the project is to demonstrate an understanding of the software development and innovation process and of professional practices. It is not intended to be about producing a computer program, and you are not required to deliver a computer program with your project.
  • The crucial part of your project is the description of the development process, which is a model-based task. It is your job to create documentation that can support a programmer in his tasks of implementing your models and ideas and testing the resulting system once it is operational.
  • The time you devote to your project will also be of benefit to you when it comes to sitting the examination. The experience of developing your own project will show through in the examination. It will provide you with important examples of how systems development works in practice. You will know what you are talking about. Indeed the problems, frustrations, moments of breakthrough, difficulties, and joy you will feel undertaking this work are the same as those experienced by system developers in their daily work.

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