TME307/03: System Engineering and Simulation Assignment, WOU, Malaysia

University Wawasan Open University (WOU)
Subject TME307/03: System Engineering and Simulation

Question 1

You are required to answer the following mid-course quizzes. There are 30 questions.

Introduction to Systems Engineering, Final Exam Modules 5-8.

Note: marks will be calculated based on the average of the first two attempts.

Part B

Based on the simulation model for the manufacturing system you have created in CA2 question 2, run the simulation, and plot the following results, and discuss your answers

Question 2

Part & Product Stock Levels [diagram 5 marks, discussion 5 marks]

Question 3

Process/ machine Utilisation

Question 4

Customer Flow Times

Question 5

Performance & Scenario Analysis

From the simulated data, find out:
• What is the throughput per day, and Process Cycle Efficiency (PCE) for the
customers and work orders?
• What is the average Inventory for the parts?
• What is the average Inventory for the products?
• If the target set is not to let the customers wait for more than 10 minutes, what is the service performance of the manufacturing process?

Comment on each of the data you have obtained, and the improvement needed (if any).

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