The presentation of the Budget 2023 by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Various government initiatives for the welfare: Principal of Economy Assignment, SU, Malaysia

University Sunway University (SU)
Subject Principal of Economy

The presentation of the Budget 2023 by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Various government initiatives for the welfare and well-being of the citizen have been targeted in the real estate sector. Is the 2023 budget capable of driving the national economy in a challenging global situation? The discussion should focus on:

  1. Overall overview of the Budget 2023 in general in the real estate sector. Compare your understanding based on the market outlook by NAPIC.
  2. What is expected from the impact of the 2023 budget on the real estate sector.
  3. Does this budget reflect the overall recovery of the real estate sector.
  4. What improvements need to be made that should be announced in the 2023 budget and compared with the previous budget.
  5. What are the expectations about the implementation of this budget to the real estate sector in the face of global economic challenges this year?

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