The owners of the company are eager to have a high-quality website and have asked you to provide them with information: Website development Report, NEC, Malaysia

University New Era College (NEC)
Subject Website development


The owners of the company are eager to have a high-quality website and have asked you to provide them with information about how other sites meet the needs of the site owners.

You should research two websites that have a similar purpose and/or are in a similar area of business.

You must:

  • compare the design and features of the identified websites
  • consider the suitability of the features and design of the website for the intended purpose and audience
  • analyze how web design and development principles are used
  • provide a supported evaluation of how well each website meets the needs of the website owner and its users.

You should consider any positive or negative aspects of the two sites. Use specific examples of these to support the points you make in your report.


The owners of the company would like to see some initial designs for the website before you start developing it.

Create comprehensive designs for the website which include:

  • identification of user requirements
  • visual designs for the pages
  • alternative design options
  • technical documentation.

You should use the Set Assignment Information and what you learned through your research in Activity 1 to inform your designs.


You now need to seek feedback in order to improve the quality and appropriateness of your designs. You must:

  • show your designs to others
  • gather and analyze the feedback you receive
  • identify areas of the designs that could be improved
  • further, develop and improve your designs using the feedback given.

You must provide justification of your design decisions, including how you responded to any feedback you received. You should include:

  • how the designs will meet the user needs and be fit for the purpose
  • consideration of alternative design options
  • which suggested changes you made, which you didn’t, and why.

This could be in the form of annotations on the designs or as an additional piece of written evidence.

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