TCP3151: Java’s main function invokes the first and second native methods and displays the ‘content of the sorted array: Integrative Programming and Technologies Assignment, MMU, Malaysia


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TCP3151: Integrative Programming and Technologies

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Create a JNI program based on the condition below:

  • Java file requests the user to enter a number to determine the size of an array.

“The number is passed into the first native method”

In the first native method:

  • Input: int number
  • The user has to key in his/her favorite country, and the country name is stored in a string array
  • Output String array

Second native method:

  • ‘Input: Swing array from the first native array
  • ‘It sorts the country name in the string array ascendingly
  • Output: Sorted string array

Third native method:

  • ‘Input: Suing array
  • Java’s main function invokes the first and second native methods and displays the ‘content of the sorted array through the third native method.
  • ‘Bonus will be given if the student provides an additional feature that is attractive and useful.

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