TAX667 Advanced Taxation Group Assignment, UTM, Malaysia


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Individual Assignment


TAX667: Advanced Taxation

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  1. Form a group consisting of a maximum of 5 students.
  2. Select a company engaged in either (i) hotel and tourism industry or (ii) healthcare services. The company can be a public listed company (or any of its related companies) or a non-listed company.
  3. Review the relevant content of the latest annual report, websites, newspapers, magazines or any other publications. Investigate whether the company is eligible for tax incentives. Discuss and apply your tax knowledge in preparing the group report. Please refer to item (d) in specific guidelines, below.
  4. Where information is inadequate, an interview is recommended.
  5. Full report presentation format:
    • Max 10 pages (excluding title page, references & appendices). Additional information can be included in the appendices.
    • Arial font 11 or Times New Roman font 12
    • 5 spacing
  1. All groups are required to submit softcopy or hardcopy of the report.
  2. Submission of report will be in week 12. Presentation will be conducted in week 13 or 14. Marks will be deducted for a late submission.

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Format of the report:

  1. Title page
  2. Table of content
  3. Background of the company (Max 1 page)
  4. Contents:
  • Stipulated information from the chosen industry (Eg: Hotel & Tourism)

–           Types of tax incentives/ exemptions/ deductions made available under the industry.

–           Conditions/ criteria for eligibility of tax incentives.

–           Predetermined qualifying expenditures (if any).

–           Other relevant information.

  • Students’ findings from the current company & inference from the findings.


  1. If the company is not eligible for tax incentives, students may offer suggestions on how the company can potentially enjoy tax incentives.
  2. If the company is currently enjoying tax incentives, students may offer suggestions on how the company can potentially maximize utilisations of tax incentives.
  3. If information is still not clear/ inadequate despite conducting interviews, then students should indicate so. Students can offer suggestions on how the company can potentially enjoy tax incentives, under given assumptions.
  4. Conclusions (1/2 -1 page)
  5. References
  6. Appendices

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