STA404: A manager at one of the popular Telco companies is currently conducting a survey regarding the service failure at their service counter: Statistics for Business and Social Sciences Assignment, UiTM, Malaysia

University Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Subject STA404: Statistics for Business and Social Sciences


A manager at one of the popular Telco companies is currently conducting a survey regarding the service failure at their service counter. The main objective of the survey is to find out the factors that cause the failure. He randomly selected five service counters from ten available service counters all over Malaysia. A questionnaire is distributed to all the customers at the five selected service counters. The information collected from the customers includes their age, gender, occupation, income, rating of service (0 to 100), and service quality (poor, moderate, and good).

a) State the population in the study.

b) State the sampling technique used in the study.

c) Identify ONE ordinal variable and ONE ratio variable obtained from the study.

d) The followings are the statistics produced from the study. Identify whether each statement is descriptive or inferential statistics.
i) 45% of the sample customers work in the government sector.

ii) Based on the sample, it can be concluded that there is an association between gender and service quality.

iii) We are 90% confident that the average rating of service for the customers falls between 60 and 90.

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