Software testing is one of the important and primary parts of software quality assurance Testing a product or application is the main stage: Software Engineering Dissertation, MUM, Malaysia

University Monash University Malaysia (MUM)
Subject Software Engineering

Software testing is one of the important and primary parts of software quality
assurance. Testing a product or application is the main stage of the Software
Development Life Cycle. It assumes an extremely fundamental part in choosing the quality and usefulness of the product and guarantees that the finished result is according to the customers’ interest.

The Testing of the product is done to identify flaws and mistakes in its functionality, based on which the performance and features of the product are enhanced further. The least known aspect of the software development process is software testing. Software testing is performed repeatedly, and
it is often done in a rush due to time constraints and limited resources.

Test Case Prioritization application appears to enhance the test viability in software testing activity. Test Case Prioritization is a technique where each test case is assigned a priority. TCP orders the test cases on some properties so that highly ranked test cases execute at a higher priority.

It enables a way to execute highly significant test cases initially and produce the ideal result, such as identifying flaws prior and giving feedback to the
testers. It likewise assists with tracking down the ideal permutation of a progression of test cases and could be executed reliably. TCP techniques are very popular in the industry and are the focus of the study.

The number of publications related to testing case prioritization is still growing in recent years which includes the interest in the application of artificial intelligence, and machine learning in TCP. Most researchers conduct the study by implementing a metaheuristic algorithm to detect faults and time execution performance.

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