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Recently there have been a lot of companies implementing telecommunicating work mode in their company. There are some considerations that Jane and I must be aware of when we implement the telecommuting working mode in the company.

Consider about the Cost

The purpose of Jane wants implementing the telecommunicate work mode in the company is to lower the cost. If the company implements the telecommuting working mode, it will definitely reduce the cost of the company. For example, companies can save money from the utilities bills, office stationery, equipment, real estate costs, and others. Besides that, we should consider a fair salary for all the employees. During calculate the salaries for those telecommute employees, it has some factors that have to take into consideration which are the location of the employees, what type of work that the employee does and the market trends. In addition, if the company implement the telecommunicate work mode, it also can save the money from applying the work pass for the foreigner employees.

Our company can hire employees who are outside the country of the company as long as the employee can access the work that the company gives. The cost that hires a foreigner employee is lower than the local employees, for example to hire an Indian staff that stay in India, the cost will be lower than hire an Indian staff that have to stay in Malaysia. It is because if the staff work in Malaysia, we have to apply the work pass for him and the living cost in Malaysia is higher than India. (10 compliance considerations, 2023)

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Workers Compensation and Benefits

Our companies provide good compensation or company benefits for their staff. But if companies implement the telecommute work mode, all the compensation and company benefits have to be reconsidered again. For example, when the employees work in an office, our company will purchase insurance to cover any injuries during the working hours that happen in the office. But, if our company implements the telecommute work mode, this insurance will not be covered anymore, since all the employees are working from home.

So that we have to set clear guidelines about employee insurance compensation, and we can cut down the health care benefits. Furthermore, due to the different country employees that we hire, we have to consider the taxation method for all employee’s income tax. Every country has their different method or way to calculate income tax. In the other hand, different country has different public holiday. The company should set clear guidelines on this, and all others benefits for employees like annual leave, medical leave, medical claim, overtime pay etc. (Darren, 2023)

Workplace Culture & Employee Experience

Since if our company changes the telecommute work mute in the company, it will bring a lot of unaccustomed to the employees that who already accustomed to working in an office setup. The workplace culture and the experience for the employees have a big change. Maybe some of the employees are not willing to accept and work from home. So, in this case, the company should have internal communication with them and let them know about all the changes. Discuss with them to know their needs and wants. Companies can start to implement the telecommuting work mode one to two days a week first instead of closing the physical office and changing to a fully virtual organization. So, all the employees can have some time to familiarize themselves with this kind of working mode. Employee experience is one of the important things that can increase the profits of the company. (Seah, 2022)

Privacy and Data Protection

Due to the telecommuting work mode, all of our employees are working from home. All of their devise for working have the chance to get hack from other partners or clients by using unsafety Wi-Fi connection, file sharing also insecure to protect the privacy data. There is a lot of way that can generate the risk of compromising the sensitive privacy data. If important private data is hacked by other competitors, it will cause our company to have serious losses. To prevent all these mistakes, our company should organize an awareness meeting for all the employees, in order to avoid this kind of security mistake happening in the company. Besides that, all the devise the using for company, have to install the appropriate security software instead of installing those jailbreak applications. Companies have to establish a proper process to protect against all the privacy data.

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