provide students with the opportunity to display their understanding of children’s attachment: child development theories Case Study, OUM, Malaysia

University Open University Malaysia (OUM)
Subject child development theories

Purpose This assignment aims to provide students with the opportunity to display their understanding of children’s attachment during a child’s preschool years. This includes conducting observations, linking these observations to developmental theories, and discussing how these theories can be used to improve a child’s learning experience.

Observe a preschool child’s behavior at home or early childhood setting. Describe the setting, the situation, the activities, and the child’s expression of attachment within the context.
Identify what form of attachment the child is experiencing. Discuss how Bowlby’s attachment theory AND Ainsworth’s attachment theory may be reflected in a preschool child’s attachment style. Relate these TWO theories to your observations. Suggest strategies to promote a secure attachment style, specifically for the child you have observed.

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