PL-101: By the 13th Century, a parliament was when kings met up with English barons to raise cash for fighting war: Public Law, Coursework, BAC, Malaysia

University Brickfields Asia College (BAC)
Subject PL-101: Public Law

By the 13th Century, a parliament was when kings met up with English barons to raise cash for fighting wars – mostly against Scotland. Thanks to the Magna Carta of 1215, kings were now obliged to ask before taking anyone’s money. That did not stop the rows though. Some barons got fed up with Henry III – not least because of his failed, expensive battles in Wales. The ambitious Simon de Montfort sidelined Henry and made himself ruler. De Montfort was a big fan of Parliament. The one in 1265 was the first to involve “ordinary” folk – knights, not just the super-rich. And it was the first time elections were held – the first stirrings of the House of Commons we know today. The venue was usually Westminster, where one enterprising monarch had built a massive hall on a swamp, which grew into the Palace of Westminster. Westminster Hall is still in use today

The above illustration is a brief history of the House of Commons, this question aims to look into the House of Commons in terms of its composition, powers, methods of scrutiny, limitations, committees, and others. The Commons is known to be a powerful house in which a majority of decisions are made, it is an elected chamber and can override the House of Lords via the Parliamentary Act 1911 & 1949.

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